Monday, March 7, 2016

It's March already!

Can you believe it is March already?  Today is my Daddy's 79th year will be the big 80!

Here is a picture of my daddy enjoying lunch with family a few weeks back....Not the best picture, but I still wanted to say Happy Birthday Daddy!

I had a great week.....I won a prize from the Knotty Knit Wits Podcast...some Vanilla Almond Soap from Tuft Wollens.  Thank you Leslie and Michelle!

Darlene got me a Gleener for my Birthday...I have not used it yet, but I cannot wait to try it out!  Of course she got me Orange...Thank you Darlene!

I think I told you a couple of weeks ago that Darlene gave me an 'owl' of hers...this is a cute little bag that holds a skein of yarn caked up...they are made by Diana Couture...well, since she gave me one of hers....she was ordering another one so I ordered along with her....this one has hearts all over it!  I do love putting my yarn in these.

I also got a new table from my daughter for my Birthday.....When I sit and knit at home, I sit in a recliner (that I call "The Pimp Chair") and I have an end table to my left and two tv trays to my right (I like to spread out).

Well, I think the TV trays looked pretty ghetto, so Paige got me this awesome took me FOREVER to put it together, but I LOVE IT...Thank you Princess!  I think it looks much better!

Dyakcraft came out with some new rose colored Northern Darlene ordered us some...and I am going to give her a set of my orange ones (since I have two)....I am sooooo excited...thanks Darlene!

My last Stash enhancement was ordering some yarn from Poland....Yup, all the way from Poland.....It almost cost more to ship it than it cost for the yarn....but I had to get this yarn.  A wonderful lady from the LSSK group I am a member of sends us emails weekly with all sorts of free knitting patterns (her name is Alice and almost all the pictures I post at the end of my blog are from her)....well, she sent us this and I was in LOVE....I really want to knit this for Antonio and I am hoping I can knit it before he turns 5 (wish me luck!).  I ordered the Bobbiny Yarn to make it.  I ordered Red and Charcoal, I know I will not be able to sew the insert...but I was thinking of purchasing a bean bag for the inside part.

Now, onto the knitting....I only worked on 3 things this week.....I started my DVD socks for March....My gauge is a little looser when I just knit in the I am going with a 60 stitch sock (instead of my usual 64).  I thought this yarn was green with 2 different Zomby Decomp stripes in between the green...but it looks like it might be 3 different Zomby Decomp stripes....we will see!

I worked on my 3CCShawl...the Grocery Girls Podcast is doing a KAL for this shawl and Darlene really wanted to make one....I am one row away from starting the 2nd band...I am using my new Yarn Owl with the does not look like much on this small cord, but there are over 200 stitches on the needle.

And, I worked on my Citadel....I have not taken a picture in a while, so here is a progress picture.  I am not done with the ribbing on the bottom...but I was getting tired of I went ahead and picked up the stitches for one sleeve and did the short rows on one side.  I am liking the way it looks so far!

That is all I have....I know it does not seem like much, but I did have Antonio and Celeste this weekend....we went to go see my son, Celeste's Dad......the kids were well rested by the time we got there...LOL!

When we got home, Antonio wanted to make some art work for my fridge....Check this definition of Art Work on the Fridge!

I also have some pics of Celeste spending some time with her cousin....

Well....that is all I have for the week.....

Have a great week....Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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