Monday, August 24, 2015

Camp is OVER!!!!

Well, it is over for me!  I finished my, yippee, doing the happy dance.

I finished it late last night.  I blocked it all night and I am wearing it to work does not matter that it will probably be 99-100 degrees office is usually a little cold, so I will be fine wearing it!

In the way of knitting....that is pretty much the main thing I knit on.  However, I did finish that cute gramps cardigan.  I did not put pockets on it.  Darlene picked up the buttons for me (because she is awesome)....

And I started the little girl sweater...I just need to do the sleeves.

I also started my scarf swap project.....but I cannot show you that for a sorry.  I also have another secret project I am going to be starting soon.  It is a Christmas present for someone who I suspect might read my blog, so I do not want to give anything away...and I probably will not mention it again till Christmas....or until I give it to its recipient.
Well, I got one of those sock skeins of yarn in...and I love it!  It is Trailing Clouds yarn in the Mind the Gap colorway....I stalked her update for this....I am not sure if I am going to make a monster cowl or socks with this....we will see.

Stitches Texas is coming up September 17th - 20th and I AM GOING....I am so excited!  This will be my first 'BIG' yarn event.  I have been to small/local fiber festivals, but nothing like this......anyway, there is a forum on ravelry about doing a stitch marker swap.  I was just going to buy stitch markers, but my friend Mickie invited me to her house and showed me how to make are my first 2 stitch markers.....I need to make 150, so I have quite a bit more to make.

Well, that is really all I have.....and remember, my knitting may be 'thin' for a while as I work on a couple of things I will not be able to show you.  Oh, and I got to see 3 of my grand kids this week.  I picked up Antonio from daycare on Thursday and we played with his new "Secret Sewer Lair Playset"...and then the girls came over Saturday to Sunday.....Celeste and Cataleya are getting so big!  We also played withe same playset and the girls got to cool off in my tiny pool outside......I leave you with pics of them....and have a great week!

Surprise....yes, that is yarn and projects in the background....LOL!

 They are the sweetest when they sleep!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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