Sunday, August 9, 2015

Are we really still Camping?

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a fantastic week.  I had a good week of knitting.....I started several things....I am telling you, the startitis is really bad.

First.....are we really still Camping?  It seems that Camp Loopy has gone on forever this year.  I just started my project # 3 last weekend (I showed you progress) and I worked on it a little this week....but I am ready to be done with it.  I am not sure if it is because I am knitting with black or what!  I wear black to work every I know I will use this scarf soooooo much!  Now, if I can just get myself to finish it!  I did start the 2nd skein.

I also started the Noelle Shawl...this is designed by my friend, Shannon Sanchez, and it is one of the current HiyaHiya KAL's.  I am using my hand dyed yarn.

My next two startitis items are ALL Darlene's fault......she started Esjan and I am IN LOVE...I started with some Malabrigo worsted in Rhodesian that I already had...but I ordered a little more Rhodesian, and some black and pearl to go on my grows quickly because of the size 11 needles....but there are over 300 stitches on that Esjan right row takes a long time.


Then Darlene wanted to knit a cardigan for her great nephew....well, it just turns out my neighbor's two children are each having babies.  Marshall and his wife are having a baby boy, and Brooke is having a baby I started the baby boy cardigan last Friday (the pattern is called Gramps from Tincanknits) is going pretty quick.

I got a bunch of Knit Picks Brava Bulky from my great friends Carol and Barbara.....thank you both so much.  I am not going to kill you with all the stash pictures....but they are all here (a few were already mine, but most were gifted to me).,,,then I got the Malabrigo I was talking about earlier....5 in Rhodesian (yes, I know the pictures only shows 4...but I got 5), 4 in Black, and 3 in Pearl

I got a great visit from Antonio......he loves costumes.....WARNING, THE IMAGES YOU SEE MAY BE TOO SCARY FOR YOU!

Then, I had a little scare with one of my dogs.....Baby.  She is my Dachshund.  I love her to pieces...but she has had a growth growing from her stomach for a while.  It has never bothered her, but something happened to it and it started to bleed....a lot.  I woke up to spots of blood all over the carpet in my bedroom (sometimes she sleeps in the bed with me and sometimes she doesn't) and rushed her to the Animal is a tumor and she has another internal one (usually not malignant) but they need to be Baby will undergo surgery on Tuesday.  She has a wrap on right now that she doesn't care for...but she has been getting lots of TLC and lazy knitting time....please pray for her.  They have to do an x-ray Tuesday right before the surgery....if there are any tumors in her lungs, they will not perform the surgery.....meaning, not good outcome!

Well, that is about all I have....but I leave you with a cute Sheep-a-poo picture (Sheep sheered to look like a Poodle).

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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