Monday, August 3, 2015

Awesome Start to August!

Hi, how is everyone?  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  I know I did!  I started August off at the beach....with lots of sun, fishing and knitting!

We left Friday afternoon and go there around 3 pm (check in time).  It was so relaxing....but it was hot too.  On Friday evening, a small thunder storm blew through and really cooled things off.  It was very nice!

Well, let me jump into it.....I will start with a stash enhancement....and a free one!  I won a prize from My Sisters Knitter Knit Me Happy KAL.  It is soooo pretty!

I also ordered some Desert Vista Dyeworks self striping yarn in the Zombody Vants to Drink Your Blood Colorway....I love it and cannot wait to cast on:

Now before I jump to the knitting, I am going to talk about the spinning!  No, I am not spinning....but remember last week when I told you I saw a friend's picture of a beautiful shawl with beautiful handspun, and then realized my spinning will never be to par, so I asked a friend to spin for me.....well, she is done spinning the bullseye bump I sent her....I cannot wait to knit this.  Thank you Laurel!

She really enjoyed spinning it and said she'd be happy to spin more fiber for me....well, I took that pretty litteraly, and I ordered more fiber and it is being shipped straight to her.....Here it is:

I cannot wait to knit with this awesome handspun yarn!

Now for the knitting.....I finished those orange socks just before the deadline of the KAL.....

We all know I have to have at least one pair of socks on the I started another pair....self striping Must Stash Yarn in the Perfect Sock base in the Sesame Street coloroway....I do love Stacie's yarn!

Then, I worked on my Sandbank a little...I got it on one needle with 3.5" needles to go around the edges....and I just got to the end of the frogged I am where I was on the Hypernova I frogged.

Then Saturday came and it was August 1.....time for Camp Loopy #3....I am making the Ashworth scarf in Black....I am loving this but also a little tired of it...but I knit on this ALL day Saturday and the drive home Sunday (and the cables are a little hard to do)...I changed it up a little bit from the pattern, cast on less and doing a smaller cable.

I got my scarf swap sister name, so I will be doing scarf swap soon...that will be a secret project I am no going to be able to show you too much of it.....but I also have a couple of other things I want to start....I signed up for the Noelle KAL with the HiyaHiya group.  Noelle was designed by a friend of mine named Shannon Sanchez (the owner of Inskein Yarns here in SA, TX).  I am going to use my own dyed yarn....I hope it comes out okay.

I am also dying to cast on this yarn for socks.....

I think I may have caught the startitis bug....and I do not think there is a cure for it!

Well, that is all I have knitting wise....but I wanted to mention I have a new new hair dryer.....mine broke last week (after over 10 years of use) and while my old hair dryer was very nice...I did not realize how much it was lacking till I got my new one....I am in love with this hair dryer (do not judge me!)

Now, I have to share some pictures from my Rockport Trip.....first, the house/condo we stayed at was favorite part?  The master bedroom had yarn balls in it for decoration (okay, maybe more like rope balls, but I called them yarn balls) was a sign!

Also, it appears the owners took a picture of some seagulls on a ledge and then had that picture made into a was very nice!

Here are a few more pics from the trip:

Well, that is all I have.....I leave you with some 'yarn' related pictures:


  1. Startitis is not new to you. You have it and will always have it. There is no known cure for startitis. So embrace it and love it, Carrie R. No cure. It is your new normal.