Monday, August 17, 2015

Socks, Socks, Socks......

Yesterday was my parent's 47th Anniversary, so I had to send them a shout out!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I have been in a sock mood lately.....I got both my Sesame Street Socks to the leg, and both afterthought heels are done (using opposite end of yarn)...I am kinda hoping to finish these this week.

Then, I did my first turkish cast on for toe up socks....I am making these black and white socks....the inversibles by Fibernymph!  I really like the cast on!

Then, I have some more sock yarn that is why my title is socks, socks, socks....but I guess I will have to show you those when they get here!

I also worked on the baby sweater for my neighbors baby......I am almost done, just need to finish the collar and weave in ends.  I do not think I will be adding pockets to this one.

And yes.....I am still slogging through my camp loopy project #3.  I am almost done with my 7th repeat...I was planning on doing 10 repeats, but depending on how long it is, I may bind off after 9 repeats (which is what the original pattern calls for).

I have a few stash enhancements....I needed to replace the pumpkin yarn I am using for the sweater (it was slated to be a blanket I will probably never finish) and then I got some pinky/purple to make a girl baby sweater for another baby.....the two babies getting these sweaters will be cousins.

Then, The Miss Babs Knitting Tour 2015 got Surprise Yarn this year....there were 9 colors that were randomly mailed (From L to R: Incomparable, Singular, Unique, Matchless, Extraordinary, Distinctive, Special, Peerless, Exclusive), and I got the one that was the 2nd to the end....but I traded for the bright green (the first one) and then I ordered one called 'Singular', the 2nd on the left...these are in the Hot Shot Base and I cannot wait to make some socks with them!

I traded this:
For this: 
And I purchased this extra one:

I got 2 new bag sets from Bags By Awesome Grannie.....I could not help myself....the camp bag has little fires with roasting marshmallows inside and the motorcycle bag has map material on the inside....Darlene is a Genius! come two of my most exciting stash enhancements....First, the yarn my friend spun for me...Thank you Laurel!

Secondly are some Dyakcraft Needles.  Dyakcraft announced their new Black Nickel Needles last week.....but I was lucky to got a pair of them a few weeks ago, and I have been test knitting them.  If you go the page where they sell these needles, you will see I am the 2nd review (1/2 way down the page).  Now, I sent this email to Tom not knowing that it would be a you have to understand my personality with all those questions.....and of the course the commas should have been periods...but I was pretty excited when I sent him the message because I really do love the needles (and yes, I have a full set on order).  I have a picture comparing all the tips (Black Nickel, Silver Nickel, and Lavender)....and then my black needles in my new spun yarn.....

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful prayers for Baby....she had surgery and is doing just fine....she does not like her cone, but she is managing....when she lays with me in my chair and I know she cannot lick, I take the cone off for some cuddling and knitting time.

I leave you with some crafty pics (I want the T-shirt) and a great pet saying from a great friend...

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Dare I say you and I are both needle hos?

  2. I really wish the Dyakcraft black nickle came in smaller needle sizes, they look so sweet!