Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer is HERE!

It is officially Summer!  It is hot an humid here in SA, but I know it will get worse....oh well.

I am going to jump right into some stash enhancements.....I got some Inversibles Yarn from Fibernymph Dye Works....I saw these socks being knit up on Instagram and I had to get some of this yarn.....but when will I ever find time to start them.....I think I really need to go on a yarn diet (gasp, did I just say that?)!

Okay....now I am going to take you back....way back....to the beginning of the year when I made some headbands for a friend (middle of the blog post).....well, she made me 2 yarn bowls!  I got them this week...and I love them.  The detail on them is awesome.  The green and blue one says "Have you any wool?"....I just could not get the full picture of it....I love these bowls....and I am a little scared to use them so I do not break them....but I am going to use them tonight!

Now for the knitting....I really have only knit on 2 things this past week.  My Ardent for Camp Loopy (I am making it bigger than original pattern):

And my Grapes Shrug for a FB KAL I am hostessing...I only have 3 more rows and a bind off...then I need to block it, seam it, and pick up stitches for sleeves.....I cannot wait to finish this!

Well, that is all I have for the knitting....but I have a couple more things to share.  Darlene is back from vacation....you guys all know how she, her hubby and her dog travel the world on their motorcycles for 2 weeks for vacation.....but did you notice I did not complain so much that she was gone?  Do not get me wrong, I missed her like crazy...but I had some vacation days with the ROT Rally and kept busy with other things (and we texted everyday) and I am sooooo glad she is back.  She got me the most awesome Harley shirt....I cannot wait to wear this as soon as I get home from work!  Now, Darlene is not a Harley gal, so I know it is not easy to get me Harley shirts, but I sure do appreciate them.....THANK YOU SO MUCH DARLENE!!!!

I also took Precious to the groomer...I had been procrastinating taking her, and now looking at the before and after pictures, I am mad at myself for taking so long to take her....here are here before and after pics (I promise, it is the same dog!)

Well, that is really all I have....I am going to leave you with a video of Antonio and Celeste playing at a Dairy Queen on our way to see my son this past weekend!  I hope it makes you smile!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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  1. I cannot believe you said this.....I think I really need to go on a yarn diet (gasp, did I just say that?)!

    I still have not figured out why I have all that Noro yarn from overseas and there was not a pattern included. That is bad mojo.