Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Happy Father's Day a little early!

I feel bad when a holiday is on a Sunday and I am always posting about it after it happened.....so this time I am going to do it early......Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there!

I did not get a lot of knitting done this past week.....on Thursday, Jaime and I headed out to the ROT Rally in Austin....and we came back on Sunday.  I did get some knitting time in, but not as much as I would have wanted to!  All I really knit on was Camp Loopy #1.  I would actually already be done with it according to the pattern, but I am making it bigger so I can use up all of my yarn!

I am also loving my new Dyakcraft Lavendar Northern Lights needles!  While we are talking about Camp Loopy.....project #2 was announced....and I picked out yarn.  I am going to make a cotton shawl....yes, a cotton shawl.  I think I am going to go with Fly Forward....but I was reading the pattern and it is almost exactly like Ardent (my camp loopy #1 project), just bigger......so, I am not 100% sure I am doing Fly Forward, but that is the current plan.....I will be using Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton in the Chartreuse colorway.....it is YUMMY!!!!!

While I was placing my order with The Loopy Ewe, they sent a notice that my Loopy Academy Prizes were ready and went ahead and shipped them with my Yarn for Camp Loopy #2.  My prize for finishing Loopy Academy was a book bag.....okay, it is really a project bag!

And then I did the extra credit project too.....now, I still have not decided if I am going to frog the project, but I did earn the extra credit.....it is a pencil tin with 10 pencils.....then, we can use the tin for knitting knick knacks!

I am so glad I participated in the Loopy Academy and I kinda cannot wait for Sophmore Year to start!

Now, I had a surprise last Monday.....In the Camp Loopy Forum on ravelry, the Rhino's and Elephants (I am a Rhino) decided to do a small swap.....my swap package came on Monday from a lady named Cher Rickat....she way over did herself, but I love every bit of it!

As I opened, I spied an elephant, rhino and lion looking at me….
Inside this amazing project bag, were individually wrapped items…..my jaw dropped in amazement!
There was another project bag inside with knitting material and longhorn material…..I am completely in love with this bag and just might sleep with it! My two favorite things (excluding people) are the Longhorns and knitting…..Cher must have read my mind! Both of these project bags are drawstring with cute wood beads and a carrying strap….they are perfect!!!
Oh, but I did win the swap lottery and there is more….perfect animal crackers and THREE bags of coffee….yes, I love coffee! My favorite is Hazelnut….which of course Cher got me, along with Nutty Irishman flavor and Michigan Cherry! I cannot wait to try these! There was a darling rhino stuffed animal too. A beautifully smelling melon slice candle (that has already been used on my  mantle).  Last but not least, a package of chocolate covered hazelnut coffee beans! It was 93 degrees on the day I opened it and the chocolate was just a tiny bit melted, but threw them in the freezer and they are heavenly delicious!!!!
Along with a safari themed card!
Cher, I honestly cannot thank you enough! You have MADE MY MONTH! Everything is wonderful!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
I had another surprise last week.....I won some yarn from the SKA (Sock Knitters Anonymous) group...The yarn was from Stone Barn Fibers, and I got to pick the color.  I chose the transitions yarn in the Summer Solstice colorway!

 Last on the knitting stash enhancements are some stitch markers....they are the Atlantis Stitch Markers from the Miss Babs Knitting Tour destination 2.

That is really all I have this week.....Like I said last week and earlier in this post, Jaime and I went the ROT Rally......this year was the 20th year anniversary, so we got a special pin along with our t-shirt.

I had a great time seeing some friends I have not seen since last year....from the left...Brielle, Mary and Arlisa.....

and there were lots and lots of motorcycles:

That is all I have.....Have a great week everyone!

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