Monday, June 1, 2015

Lake House Lounging!

Hi everyone!  This past weekend was my SNB group's 4th Annual Knitting retreat!  We had it at my sister's lake house and it was awesome to the max!

I got lots of knitting done and I will have picture overload at the end of this post.

First, prior to leaving, I got the Texas Dish Rag Tag box....I was the last person to get the box since I was the first to send it.  JoAn got me perfect orange and matching varigated yarn....the dishrag is awesome!  She also got me a book with different flower and leaves patterns, and some Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and a Texas Pecan Praline!  Yes, the chocolate and praline are already gone!

I also started some new socks.....bright orange with the BugBear Woolens I bought a few weeks ago...I love this fun is not true color on the screen, but think a fun and happy orange that is tonal!

And remember that bag set with yarn I won?  Well, I got it...

I also finished my Loopy Academy Extra Credit before I left.  Now...this is a TERRIBLE picture, but I do not have a head mannequin but I may need to get one.  I used one of Antonio's balloons....this hat is WAY too big for anyone!  But it is cute.  I may just rip it and re-purpose the yarn, but I have not completely decided yet. on to what I did at that the retreat......

I finished some socks for a HiyaHiya KAL (and I also entered them in an SKA giveaway).

I also converted my friend, Tami, into a sock knitter....she said she would never knit socks because it was a waste of her time....but she made the pinstripe socks with me in February and now she finished some more socks (she calls them Coffee Socks because she spilled coffee on them) she is at the end of the dock laying down with her feet in the sun to get a good picture of her socks!!!

I started the Toujours Sweater with Darlene....I am IN LOVE WITH THIS YARN!  It is Miss Babs Killington Base (that my friends got me at DWF Fiber Fest) in the Bat S**t Crazy Colorway.

I worked a little on my Hiya Hiya Grapes Shrug and I am loving the way it is looking!

Then, fast forward to today....Today is the start of Camp Loopy and the start of Tour De Sock.  The Tour De Sock #1 calls for sport weight yarn....well, Darlene had bought me some Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Sport Weight like a year and a half ago?  Well, I frogged the socks I had started with that yarn and I am going to use that yarn for Tour De Sock.  The first pattern is called Virrat.  Please wish me luck!  Looks like lots of cables!

I also got to start Camp Loopy today at lunch...I am not far, but it is a start (ps, this yarn is also heaven...Madeline Tosh Pashmina in the Dachshund colorway (same as the socks above).

Then, after lunch was the greatest surprise....My DyakCraft Lavender 5" Northern Lights Interchangeable set came in....these are Heaven....the box sang a church music tone like 'Aaaaaaaaaa' as I opened it.

Darlene also got me some needle protectors for our wooden DyakCraft Darn Pretty they do not break in our project bags.....great idea!  Thank you Darlene!

Okay....I think that is it for the I am going to go into Lake House Shenanigans!

When Darlene and I got there, she needed to wind some yarn...and let me tell you, this is the view you want when you are winding yarn....this is yarn winding in the bar area of the dock.

So Tami brought popcorn....and she says in her house, her family eats it with chopsticks....we were like "huh?" but it turns out that Tami is nothing but a genius.....for the rest of the retreat we ate almost everything with chop sticks...I had some cheetos with chopsticks and snap pea snacks and rice snacks, etc.....your fingers do not get dirty at all and then I can go right to knitting after eating orange cheetos .....Yum!

Here is Elizabeth and I eating with chop sticks!

Or Elizabeth just 'concentrating'!!

My friend, Melissa, was working on a cardigan and had two skeins going at the same time and was making a mess, so I let her borrow my Yarnit....and she is proof how much they work and how helpful they are:

We had a family of geese come visit us a few times to get bread....they also got garlic cheese bread (they did not care for) and pecan sandies...but bread was their favorite!

and of course just some great views!

That is all I have.....I am going back to the lake house this weekend...but I bet I barely get any knitting done because I am taking Antonio with me....stay tuned for Antonio Fun Next Week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!