Monday, June 8, 2015

My College Girl!

Hello everyone!  Today is Paige's first day of college!  Yes, she went to barber college, but for some reason, that just was not the same for me.  She is taking a summer semester at NW Vista here in town (a community college)....just two classes, but with a full time job and a 3 1/2 year old, two classes is plenty.  I told her that my work is just across the street from her college if she ever wants to go to lunch and she said, "Awh that's so sweet.  You would leave your knitting for me" because she knows I knit with my friends at lunch.  Anyway....I just had to share my proud mamma moment!

I got a little bit of knitting in this past week....I worked on my Camp Loopy number 1 project...the first pictures shows the pops of purple better.

This project is super easy, but even easier is plain stockinette....which is what the Your Beautiful shawl is (with an increase here and there) I worked mostly on this at the lake this past weekend (more on that later)....the cable is really scrunched up (I need to put on bigger cable), but I am one row away from being done with the first, 26.44% done.

and I started the tour de sock sock (stage 1) but did not get far....too much thinking at the beginning:

Oh, and my Miss Babs Destination 2 arrived.....we are traveling to Atlantis!  It is gorgeous yarn, but I have not decided if I am going to make the pattern that the tour came with....I just do not think I will wear the shape that often...but I have not decided yet.

Can you believe that is pretty much all I worked on?

This coming week I go to the ROT rally...this year is the 20th anniversary so it should be a big bang!  I am taking my knitting and I hope I get some done.....but who knows.

I am going to leave you with another episode of picture overload!  Antonio had a blast at the lake...he rode the jet ski with his cousin Sean (he calls him John, but is getting close to the SHHHHH sound) and uncle Jim.....he took a boat ride with almost all the family (My mom and I stayed back with the dogs), he went swimming in a lake (that he still calls a pool) and just had an all around great time!

We got there early Friday evening/late afternoon.

Ready in his new Ninja Turtle Swim outfit along with Swim Shoes

Getting in with cousin Sean

He is able to stand on his own!


Time to get on the jet ski...Sean in front and Uncle Jim in back!


Now look at how brave he is getting in on his own!

When the day was over, he had enough energy to still wear hissuper blanket cape at night sitting in the big swing chairs!

Day two actually started with some playing....and then an early nap!

Now ready for a boat ride with cousin Nathan!

Now the whole family is aboard!

  Sitting with Tante Janice: 


We stayed Saturday night again...and came home around 2 on Sunday....I (Gaa-Ma) was pooped!

Happy Happy Knitting everyone!

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  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

    Antonio in his water shoes reminds me of when The Kid was that age and I would buy him a new pair of "beach shoes" every year. Aww...