Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 4th of July

I want to wish everyone a wonderful 4th of July this coming weekend! Happy Birthday America!

How has your week been?  Mine has been pretty good!  I have been plugging away at my "Your Beautiful" shawl.  It is really hard to see my progress because I really need to put it on a longer cord.

I also finished up the main part of my shrug.  Here it is blocking:

Then I seamed it up, and am adding the 2nd cuff right now....I should have the final picture for you next week.
I also finished my ardent and blocked blocked out a little bit over 8 feet!

I must have been a blocking fool, because I also blocked my Susanna IC Shawl.  I gave it to a very good friend for her 50th birthday!  She loved it (and I forgot to get a picture of her with it):

Do you remember a long time ago when Paige bought some yarn from a semi-local yarn store and wanted me to make her some 'Turkish Bed Slippers'?  Well, she kinda gave me a guilt trip, so I got them started.....I finished on and have barely started the second one.

Well, that is about all I have for the knitting...but I have quite a few stash enhancements.  I am going to start with some scissors.....yup, just some plain old scissors....or maybe they are like 'snips'.  Darlene and I are always missing a pair of scissors in our bags, so she found these awesome little snips....I ordered some from overseas before she left from vacation....and I just now got them.  She has already since ordered some and gave me 1/2 of her I can give her 1/2 of these.  I should also note that they are Antonio approved, so they work left handed or right handed.

Then, Knit Picks had to go and bring back Felici Self Striping yarn for a limited I got 5 different colorways....I do love them....and I cannot wait to start knitting on some socks!

I also got a new 6" DPN holder and the cutest needle gauge.....I am in love with these needle gauges!

Then...I have a small story behind my next stash enhancement......Darlene saw this Hippo in the Camp Loopy #1 finished items area......copyright to alphantango on ravelry...hold on to your hippos, this is so dang cute!

and Darlene is in love with this Happy Hippo.....but it is Crochet, and Darlene does not crochet....So I bought the pattern here, and I ran home to check my stash to see what I all know I cannot match for nothing, so I wanted to use the same colors as alphantango.  Well, I found some Regia 6ply in a green and turquoise that I bought back in mid/late March....well, this yarn is categorized as DK but I think it is going to work for this Hippo....worse case scenario, I make a HUGE HIPPO.  So, I found more of this Regia 6ply in a pink and purple to go with my turquoise and green.....what do you think?

I am going to try to get the hippo started tonight....I am hoping....keep your fingers crossed for me!

Anyway.....that is all I have for this week!  Have a great 4th of July and I will see you next week.....Camp Loopy #2 starts on Wednesday of this week!  Yahoo!

 Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Beautiful knitting as always! Thanks for the plug and it was super-fun to catch up. Hugs!