Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone.  Did you all have a fabulous Christmas?  Was Santa good to you?  Santa was very good to me!  I got a beautiful necklace from Jaime and a gorgeous Mikasa wine set from Paige.  I got a few other things for the house.

 The best part of Christmas for me is spending it with my family.  I have a picture with Paige (that is super rare), Antonio, Celeste, Grace (my niece) and Sean (my nephew):  I also have a picture of Yvette (Celeste's mom) with Celeste and Cataleya.

Santa was super nice to Celeste and Antonio.  Celeste left my parents house with a SACK of toys....and had so much fun opening presents, he did not know what to do with himself.  Here he is in his toy train set on Christmas eve at my parent's house, and then on Christmas morning with his Cowboy hat and Gun (he just needed some boots to be complete).

One of his favorite gifts was a Thomas the Tank Train Roller Coaster ensemble.  I am going to attach a 6 second video, but in case you cannot see it, I put a chronological ordered photo shoot after the video that I think will give you the idea of how it works and how big that smile is when he is done.

Now, as for knitting (since this kind of is a knitting blog)......I finished my socks in the nick of time (12:09 am Christmas Morning) for the Hiya Hiya Sock KAL.  Paige snagged them and loves them.  I also finished Bizzles pom pom blanket and was able to put hers and Paige's under the tree to them...they both loved them!

I also went on ravelry and made some 2014 goals for myself.  This is the first year I have set goals like this so I hope I am able to get at least 1/2 done. I also want to be on a semi yarn diet. The yarn clubs should be good enough for my stash enhancement. We will see about camp loopy!

  • Keep up with Yarn Clubs. I joined 2 yarn clubs this year. Strickmich Yarn Club and Miss Babs Knitting Tour. I know that I may not ‘fall in love’ with each and every pattern or yarn sent to me, but I want to try to keep up with the yarn clubs as best as I can.
  • Finish the following:

Suzi Shawl 
Leaves of Grass 
Lazy Girl Again 
Vitamin D 
Knit Swirl (or at least knit a substantial amount of it).
  • Finish some ‘old’ wips:

Pink Orchard 
Purple Cardigan 
Sweet Pea Blanket 
Paige Bath Mat 
Paige Dot Socks

  • Selfish knitting. I want to make at least one more nuvem before next winter.
  • I also want to knit a color affection….I have wanted to knit one since the pattern was released, but again….work keeps getting in the way. Maybe for the camp loopy highest yardage project (because we all know I will be doing camp loopy….I may just need to do it with stash this year…we will see).
  • Make a Brickless with Biker Chick Yarn from Miss Babs.
  • Keep up with some more sock KALs. I am now a moderator of the Hiya Hiya Free & Fun KAL group and I would like to be a more active participant but I cannot knit socks that fast and all the other moderators seem to be able to knit socks in 4-6 days...but I will try to be more active!

Oh yeah….and just as a challenge, I hope by completing some of the above goals, that I meet one more goal… knit more miles in 2014 than I did in 2013 (8.13 so far, but need to add the sweater for Paige to that).  

In my last post I said that on the 26th we (me and the gals I knit with) were going to cast on the Suzi Shawl....and we did.  Here it is so far.  I have a gram count so I can have it finished by the end of January (with me luck).

Lastly, I want to take a good look at any other WIPS I may have and if I am never going to finish it, then I just need to frog it....or rippit!

My annual SNB Christmas party is tomorrow and I hope it is a success........That is all for now.  You guys have a great week and a Happy Happy Happy New Year....and as always, Happy Happy knitting!!!

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