Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 days of the same thing.......

10 days of doing the same thing can be good and bad.  10 days of knitting....good!  10 days of moving....not so much!  Okay, so I did not actually move for 10 days straight, but I am still moving stuff and it was about 10 days ago that I posted about the move.  Here is some of the stuff I have to go through in my room and in the garage....and also, the living room is starting to come together....but I keep adding more 'crap' to it.

The living room actually looks completely different since my daughter has put up the christmas tree.  Speaking of my daughter, Paige, she wore a hat I knit her over a year ago......the weather has been cold enough for her to use this hat.

I also finished knitting a pom pom blanket for her as a surprise present for Christmas (no, her sweater is not done yet...but the blanket it).

I am pretty tired of knitting on Paige's sweater and it has gone into a little bit of a time out.....I have been knitting on some socks for a Hiya Hiya KAL and I hope to finish them by the 24th of December (the deadline for the KAL).  A friend of a friend asked me to crochet her a baby santa hat and a baby christmas stocking.  She wants to use it for photography of babies.......Here is what the pattern kind of looks like, but I have been having problems getting it started, I really am not a very good crocheter......

I also had my gift exchange with my knitting bff, Darlene....she got me the most awesome gifts ever!  The Loopy Ewe has these fall giftables that has a special and exclusive hand dyed yarn and she got me the October kit that came with a skein of Wollmeise in Confidence!  It is gorgeous!  It came with a pattern and I cannot wait to cast on!!  She also got me one of the exclusive sets from Little Skein.  This kit came with a skein of yarn, a project bag, a pattern, and set of stitch markers.....the stitch markers (and yarn) match the project bag.......YUP!  It is so perfectly cute!  I cannot wait to make a pair of socks with this awesome yarn.  While I absolutely love all the yarn and knitting paraphernalia, the best part was the says "A good friend will tell you when you're being silly.  A great friend will join you."  Darlene is a GREAT friend!  Thank you Darlene!

These last 10 days have flown seems like every day I am just either packing and moving more stuff or I am unpacking and putting things where I think they need to go......I did manage to order one more yarn club.  This is the Miss Babs Knitting Tour 2014.  It is very similar to the Strickmich Club I just joined, but this is the 3rd year (I think) that she is doing this....I really wanted to do it last year, but I just could not swing it this year I knew I had to do this club.  Thankfully each club mails in different months, so for 8 out of 12 months next year.....I should be getting a package of fun!

I leave you with a fun Knitter's Christmas Picture.....and my favorite picture of Paige and Antonio (that smile melts my heart)  :

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!!!!


  1. You should have turned those plastic boxes around so you could see the label that says ship to Ruby C on them. That way I would salivate more than I already do over your yarn stash.

  2. Moving during the holidays is hard...which is why I never wanted to do it...but guess what? It appears I'm going to be doing it...

    Love Paige's hat BTW!