Monday, December 2, 2013

Moving Stinks!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  I had a great Thanksgiving with family, but the days before and after were crazy pants!  I have not posted in 2 weeks and I am very sorry.  Last week was a short week at work for me.  I was off Wednesday, Thursday (Turkey day of course) and Friday....then my regular Saturday and Sunday off and I was in chaos for 5 days.  Did I knit a lot you ask?  How many projects did I finish you ask?  The answer is a big fat NONE!

So....what was I doing you ask?  Moving!  and it STINKS!

I worked harder these last 5 days than I have worked in my last 5 years!  No joke!  I wish I had lots of pictures to show you, but the truth is that I was just too exhausted to remember to even take pictures.

I hurt my foot sometime Saturday (the movers were doing the heavy furniture moving on Saturday).  I have no clue what I did and I do not know why it is just my left foot and not both feet.....but my left foot is super swollen and very hard to walk on.  I took this picture late Saturday (I think, it is all kind of a blur), and I think the swelling got a little worse, then I put ice on it and it has stayed the same.

In the midst of moving craziness, I did ask my BF, Darlene, to text me at certain times so I could sign up for a yarn club.  My favorite designer, Martina Behm, is doing a yarn club for 2014.  It is a little pricey, but she is my favorite designer and I knew if I did not sign up, I would regret it later.  Jaime said he wanted to get me this yarn club as a Christmas Present.....he is so awesome!  Anyway, Darlene texted me at all the right times and I was able to get a membership (here if you are interested).  I am super excited and I cannot wait for February to get here for the first shipment.

Prior to the moving craziness....I had a bit of a scare from my daughter.  I get this text out of the blue from her that says "Mom thank god I'm okay".  So I am thinking to myself, "Holy cow she has been an a car accident!" (this just after I have a long talk with her that the insurance is going up because of all her fender benders).  I call her right away and send texts at the same time to see what happened.  Turns out a car drove into her school....seriously.  A suburban was in the middle of the school and thankfully my daughter is fine and was on the other side of the school doing a hair cut.  You can read about it here.

Oh, and some really great news is that I did not need to move Tito with us to the 'new' house (it's not really new, but if I call it the old house then it gets too confusing).  Paige's friend took him and things are much calmer in the dog area than before.  I do miss him (sometimes), but I am glad he found a good home as I just could not give him the patience and attention he deserved.

So my blog is a little here and there today but that kind of matches how I have been the past few days....disorder and lack of organization....but we did end up sleeping at the 'new' house Saturday night.  Antonio's dad watched him from Thursday to Saturday evening so we could get as much moving done as possible (it was a great help).  Paige's TV in her room is not working yet, so she and Antonio came to my room and we decided to have breakfast in bed (Paige went to Chachos as we do not have a working stove or microwave yet) is my handsome grandson having breakfast in my bed....and then later after he found my q-tips (Don't worry, I made him take them right out after I snapped the picture as I did not want him walking around with anything sticking out of his ears).

Lastly, I leave you with a picture for all my OCD friends....I have OKD.....and I think I have a few friends that have both of these disorders!  Ha, Ha!!!

Happy Happy Knitting!!!


  1. It is always a pleasure to see what you have been up to. And yes, life can interrupt our knitting time. Sucks, but it happens and when you settle in you will get back to the needles and yarn.

  2. By the way, you are quite adept at being an enabler. Just FYI.

    1. Thank you Ruby! Everyone should be adept at something....I am happy I get to be good at enabling!