Monday, June 18, 2012

The weekend just goes by too fast!! 

This past Saturday was WWKIP (World Wide Knit In Public) Day.  I had a blast!  I meet with lots of talented women at a local mall.  I think there were up to 30 gals there, but I did not count (just guessing).

I worked on a sweater for my grand daughter, she will be 4 this coming November, and I would like to get it done for her.  The pattern is from a french designer and it is called Gilet noued noued, which loosely translated is Vest node node, but I just call it the "Bow Sweater" (You can find it HERE).  I am working with a yarn that has 10% angora in it and it can get very fuzzy (Plymouth Yarn Baby Bunny).  Now, there is one thing about the life of a Knitphomaniac.....I have startitis in a really bad way!  I start so many projects and then see other things I want to knit and buy the yarn and put projects aside to start more projects.  I have approx 27 projects on my needles at this time, and I really want to make a goal to get that number down to a much more manageable number.  I put this sweater on the back burner in April of 2011 (yes, over a year ago).  It appears back then that I made a mistake in the pattern, however, when I pulled this out and started working on it, I did not realize that and just kept on knitting with the mistake.  So....everything I knit on during WWKIP Day, I ended up frogging plus 5 more rows that I must have knit back in April 2011.  I was able to reknit more on Sunday.  I have tabs marked to show you 1) where I started during WWKIP, 2) where I got to during WWKIP, and 3)where I had to frog back to.  Of course you can see where I am now.

Sunday evening, I went to my parent's house to spend Father's day with my Fantastic Father!  We had a great dinner, and they got to see their great grandson (I was babysitting).  I ended up giving my Lintilla shawl to my mother.  I had made her the Summer Flies shawl for her birthday, but she could not find the right way to wear it and it look good.  I do not want a hand knitted item to just sit, and I could tell she loved the Lintilla when I showed her, so I swapped them.  I know she will get lots of wear out of the Lintilla, and that just means that I get to buy more yarn to make another Lintilla!  I am sure I can find someone to gift the Summer Flies Shawl to for Christmas!
Here are some pics of my progress and what it looks like during WWKIP Day!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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