Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OK......great weekend of knitting.  I recieved the Baby Bunny Yarn so I could work on my grand daughter's sweater.  Here it is....almost done.  Need to seam (yes, I hate seaming) and finish up the bow.  I do not have a snap yet, so I will have to buy one and sew it in.

I got a new tatoo on Saturday night.  It is my second tatoo.  No, I am not some big bad tatted up gal.  Both of the tatoos are about the size of a quarter.  The first one is a longhorn, the black ink bleed a little, but I still love it.  The one I got Saturday is a Harley Davidson emblem.  No words, just colors.  One day, I will get a couple balls of yarn with knitting needles, just not sure where I am going to put that.


Then, my boyfriend bought a new truck!  I cannot believe how expensive vehicles are these days.....Anyway, he let me drive it and it was a nice smooth ride....Yahoo!!

Now.....to the exciting part of the week....Camp Loopy Project 2 STARTS TOMORROW!!!!  Yipee!!!  Are you ready???

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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