Thursday, January 5, 2023

It's 2023!

 Hello everyone!  It is 2023 and I hope you had fabulous holidays and a wonderful new year!

I know I have said this a lot lately, but my hope is to blog more...I know I have gotten pretty slack since's to hoping I can do better!

I finished Darlene's last Christmas Present....a Boxy Cape

I also can finally show the Advent Stole I test knit that was for Darlene

I also got her a new set of the large Chiaogoo needles in shorties.

She made me a gorgeous quilt and I love it so much....and one cant forget her always spoiling me with the advent tea calendar and mug!  She is the greatest best friend a girl can have!

Paige and Erich got me goodies from Birdie Parker...I have always wanted some of her earrings and now I have earrings, yarn, stitch markers and a matching trinket dish!

Me wearing my earrings :)

I got both her and myself a journal.....I want to try to journal and see if I can justs be better this coming year.  I feel like my life and my mindfullness has been lacking so I want to see if this will help (the pen is from my great friend Jennifer a few years ago).

I finished the Monthly blanket on December 31st, so I met my goal of knitting the skein in the month I got it...but I still need to seam the whole thing...I will get there

In addition to the blanket club for 2023, I also ordered the shawl club....I am looking forward to it.

I made some socks for Erich's friend, Devinne....

And she made me a gorgeous macrame hanging on the mantel (to the right).

Antonio and I spent some time together during his night we made a fire because the furnace broke!

I made more baubles for the neighbors and a hat for my BIL

I got my nails and toes done...something I have not done in a long time (I am also wearing new pjs from my parents...they gave me two sets!).

Lastly...some pics of my family (one is a throw back of Erich, Paige and Grace...must have been 2000)

That is all for now.

Happy Happy Happy Kntting!

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