Monday, January 30, 2023

Still Goaling for the Win!

 Can you believe it is the end of January and this is my 5th post of the opposed to barely one post per month last year, I would say I am doing better at reaching my goal to post more.

I finished my Jimmy Beans Wool Monthly Blanket, and but them in a ziplock for safe keeping.

I got the shawl yarn...there was an error on the pattern, but I finished it.  This will go much faster than the blanket as it is only 20 grams of yarn per month.

Y'all should know I am an Alpha reader (I read the book as she writes it) for Maggie Cole, a romance author.  I was her very first reader after she posted in a FB group asking if anyone wanted to be an ARC (advanced copy reader...this is once the book is done) reader...I replied with "Sure!  I will!" and it was a great decision for me....since then, I became one of her Alpha readers and I have read all 44 of her books (3 of which have not yet been published).....well, she came to SA and I got to meet her....she is tall!  We had a great time at lunch and she had a great girls weekend here in SA with one of her friends.

Here is a screen shot of her post on FB along with a pic of us!

The very next day, my great friend, Ruby was in town.....Last time I saw Ruby was in 2014 and we hung out in Austin....this time we did lunch in the Cibilo we are 9 years apart (please dont mind my million chins)!


Last Friday the 27th of January:

Do y'all remember whenI fostered a beautiful Dog named Blue.....well, here is an updated picture of her at her furever home...Her name is now Luna.....I miss her every day

Here is also a picture of what she did to a specific project I was working on months ago....This, I do not miss....LOL!

Welol, that project just sat for months all tangled up because I did not want to deal with it...

But I decided to finally tackle it....on the left are chunks of yarn large enough to still knit with...on the right are the tiny balls I will probably not even mess with and on the bottom right are about 7 pieces so short, they did not even warrant a ball...LOL!

Now I am back on track.....Mickey Mouse's face says it all...LOL!

So....hopefully I can now get back on that project! announce my best friend is better than yours.....LOL!  I am not usually one to toot my own horn....but...Look at what Darlene got me for my Birthday (yes it is early).....

It is absolutely gorgeous...I was going to make a shawl with just this one color, but once I saw it, I decided to pair it with this Caramel colorway I have....

I settled on the Untangled shawl by Andrea Mowry (how fitting since I just untangled a bunch of yarn)!

Thank you Darlene!

That is all I have for this week.....I hope I have more for you next week.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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