Monday, September 17, 2018

And it is STILL raining.....grrrrrr!

Hey everyone!  I hope you have had a dry week!  My week has been wet, wet, wet!  It is still raining here and my backyard can't take anymore......not to mention that I cant mow and the grass is growing too tall!  Okay, whiny rant over......

I did go to the lakehouse this past weekend (yes, it rained there too) along with Jaime, his friend Nick and Nick's girlfriend, Star.  We had a great relaxing time!

Of course I had to lure Nick there with Ding Dongs....LOL!

I got a pedicure before we left and boy did I need it!

Paige sent me an Instagram post with someone wearing a hat she likes

I could not find the exact pattern, but one of my LSSK sistah's found one that Paige is happy with...I'm hoping to start (and maybe finish) this week:

When I was in the Miss Babs Knitting Tour, in Sept 2016, I got a gorgeous skein of Keira in the Silk Road colorway (about midway down in this linked post).  I liked it so much, I ordered a 2nd skein (about midway down in this linked post).....then last week I bought a skein from someone's destash hoping I could put them together for a sweater...these are all the same color, all dyed at same time (Sept 2016) for Miss Babs Knitting tour, but they are so different.  I hope to maybe fade them in a sweater.

Lastly....I only worked on two things.....some socks I started for a test knit and my sweater!

Well, that is all I have......Jaime is healing well!  Thanks for all the well wishes!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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