Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Antonio!

Good morning everyone!  I hope you had a fabulous week!  I am sorry I am a day late getting my blog post up...I have been crazy with Grand kids!  This past Friday was Antonio's 4th birthday....more on that later.

Let's start with stash enhancements.  I got a new insert for my graces cases.  This way, my one case can hold 6 (yes, six) sets of interchangeable needles.....how exciting!

I got another skein of Desert Vista Dyeworks (DVD) yarn in the If They Kill Maggie colorway.  I want to do the officially unofficial sock a month thing next year, so I need a few more to make sure I have 12 skeins of this yarn.....but I have ordered it all and it should be here in a couple of different shipments soon!

Now, this next stash enhancement I do not  have in my hot little hands yet...but I LOVE IT...it is BCYarnings  (Berry Colorful Yarnings) and it is sooooo awesome.  Here is one full repeat knit up by Michelle herself!

Now, I really did not get much knitting done this past week....like I said...I have been crazy with grand kids.....but I did finish these Hermoine's Everyday Socks.

Then, do you remember the slippers I made for Antonio in July?  Well, they were too small, so I decided to redo them.....I put my needle in below the decreases:

Then, pulled out the kitchner stitch and frogged both of them:

I attached new yarn (where I thought the striping would continue well) and continued to knit.....

I knitted about an inch more and then decreased....they fit much better, but I wonder if they are still too small....Paige will have to let me know.

I also worked a little on my Halloween socks.....I really love this sock base...the yarn is from The Cozy Knitter (and yes, I have more on the way to me in some burnt orange, grey and black).

Okay.....that is all I have for the knitting,....now onto my grand children shenanigans......I got to hang out with Antonio on Thursday night.....

Then, here is his birthday dinner on Friday with his mommy!

Meanwhile, I took Celeste with me to see her daddy....here she is working on some beading.

These beads are kind of cool, there is a template you can follow or go freestyle....then, you spray these beads with water....yes, water.....and they stay in place (after they dry for about 20 min):


Ice Cream

Tweety Bird

Then, on Sunday it was time for Antonio's birthday party.....Paige scheduled the party at a place called "Pump It Up", and we had a blast.....
Here is Celeste after she went down the big slide.

And Paige and Celeste together
Then, Celeste and Cataleya

and of course....the birthday boy!
With his Spiderman cake!

And, that is all I have....I was exhausted by the time the weekend was over....but it was great hanging out with my grand kids!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Knitting!

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