Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween and Goodbye Daylight Savings Time

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and enjoyed the 'extra' hour we got from saying goodbye to Daylight Savings Time!

Okay, on to the knitting.....just about all my time was spent knitting on my Socks on a Plane socks for Loopy Academy Semester 3.

And I managed to finish them!

Paige knows the above socks are for her (she does not like a high foot on her socks) and she is very appreciative...but she has been bugging me to make her a pair of BLACK socks....we all know how much fun it is to knit with black!  So, I got them started....

Other than that....I worked a little on my pillow for Loopy Academy, but not enough to take a picture...maybe next week.

This Friday the newest Stephen West Mystery KAL called The Doodler starts....and Darlene and I are making the exact same one...same colors....I am pretty excited.  She even made us matching bag sets....She is the bestest best friend ever!  Thank you Darlene.....

I got one more bag set from her....I found this material from outside USA and asked her to 'try it'....turns out it is not a very good quality material, so she will not be selling it...but I thought it was pretty cute....too bad the material is not good.

Do you remember last week I was telling you about the yarn from Berry Colorful Yarnings?  It is called Busted Rainbow and it came in...I love it!

I have even wound it already!

Some of my yarn  that I have ordered from Desert Vista Dyeworks came in...the colorways are:  ZomLlamas in Pajamas, Dia De Los Meurtos, another ZomLlamas in Pajamas for Darlene, and London in a Bag.

My last stash enhancement is a book called "Wip-o-pedia".....yup, a place to put all my WIPS in!  I really wish I had thought of this.....Now, I know you guys are wondering how many I got to hold all my eleventy billion WIPS.....I may never tell....LOL!

Well, that is all I have....Here are some Halloween fun pics.....all the candy I bought to have only my grands and 3 other kids come by....

Picture of (from left to right) Mia (Celeste and Cataleya's cousin), Celeste, Yvette, and then in front is Cataleya:

And, by Sunday around 6 pm....someone was just super showed up shortly after this picture!

I stole these next two pictures from lovely LSSK ladies....thank you Billie Rae and BJ!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Great stash enhancements! Loopy activities are now t helping me knit up my stash, and I am not buying more for now. I will just live vicariously through you. :)

    1. MK, I am hoping to do very little buying next year! I need to knit down my stash....and I have a lot of it!