Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Columbus Day

It is Columbus Day and I have the day off.

I thought I would be spending it all day knitting....but I forgot that I offered to watch Antonio.....and we have been playing all day...I am pooped (and it is barely 5 pm).....but we are having fun.

Okay....on to the knitting....
First I am going to start off with an FO from some time was my scarf swap scarf and my recipient (Susie) loved it and it looked fantastic on her.  This is the Ingot pattern made with Miss Babs Yowza yarn in the Mad Hatter colorway.

I also finished my Esjan....I have not blocked it, and I will...but I have already worn it and I LOVE IT.

Those are my only FO's.....I have a few WIPS I worked on this weigh it shawl with the yarn my cousin brought me from Germany:

And my Hermione's Everyday Socks for my 'Sock a Month':

Not only are the above socks for my Sock a Month...but they are also part of my Loopy Academy projects....There is also a pillow that is part of Loopy Academy and I decided to start that pillow this weekend....I am not far, but I am enjoying it.

That is all I worked on...but I do have just a couple of stash enhancements....I got some self striping yarn from Nomadic Yarns called "rhinebeck sweater" and I love it.

Then, this past Friday kicked off "The Best Little Yarn Crawl in Texas" includes 14 yarn stores....I did not participate in "The Crawl" but Stacie from Must Stash Yarns was going to be at The Tinsmith's Wife in Comfort with some yarn an I wanted to see what she had....I also wanted to meet up with my great friend, Ruby, who was coming this way for the yarn crawl.  I got one skein of Stacie's yarn and some Wrapture soak for blocking my items....and, I got to see Ruby!

It was great seeing her and Stacie!

Also, Dyakcraft is releasing ORANGE Northern Lights Needles.....I was the first one to order some...I am so excited...I hope to have them by Christmas!  I took this picture of their website.

Well ladies...that is really all I have...I am surprised Antonio has let me be on this computer this long so I better run.....Paige also went to the store and I think she is going to cook me dinner...Yeah!

I have shared this picture before, but I really love it, so I am sharing again......I need to find me some ruby slippers!!!

Happy Happy Knitting!

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