Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WOW...it has been a week since I posted.  I try to post more than once a week, but the week got away from me.  My worthless renter finally moved out, and I have been pretty busy trying to get that house in order to re-rent.

I hate to say that I have not been able to knit as much as I wanted to during these Ravellenic Games....boo, hoo!  But....the good news is that I go on vacation in two days and I plan to do a lot of knitting while on vacation.

I finished another Work In Progress.  An Orange Sweater that I started in January of 2011.

I also have been working on a WIP that I just started this year....it is a Kindle Fire Cover...I know it looks small, but trust me, it fits :)  Yes, of course it is Orange!

Then the test knit baby blanket has been giving me problems so it has been in time out, but I hope it comes out of time out soon, because the deadline is August 15th.

And I finished the final part to the Pillow I am making for a KAL...now I just need to sew the seams together and put on the buttons....I am very excited and cannot wait to make another one of these.

Now for sime side pictures...one is a couple of Longhorn Zipper bags my friend made....they are so cute and I LOVE THEM! 

Here is a picture of what I am working on ALL THE TIME....LOL!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

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  1. Love the pillow!! Can't wait to see it all sewn together.