Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello everyone.  I have been knitting, but not as much as I want to!  I need this job to finance my yarn obsession, but this job really cuts into my knitting time....LOL!

I finished the test knit and blocked it.  It is a little big for 6 months (in my opinion) but it is cute!

I did my FFE....First Felting Ever!  I am so excited.  I started these clogs in October of 2009 (yes, over 2 1/2 years ago) and I put them on the back burner.  Well, nothing like Ravellenics to get you to work on some old stuff....so I decided to do the second clog (in burnt orange of course).  When I made the first one, I held the yarn double for the sole, but single for the top and the part around the ankle.  Well, when you have not done something in 2 1/2 years, you tend to forget....so the second clog has the yarn held double all the way for all parts of the clog.  I was able to felt it small enough, but you can still tell that one is bigger than the other......but it does not matter to me.  I love them and will wear them with pride.  I will be making these again.  My daughter even likes them (she is picky).

Now I am working on the baby blanket test knit and want to finish some other things I have not touched in a long time.

I meet a fellow knitter during lunch today.  She donated two huge cones of chenille yarn.  I am going to use it to make some blankets for the Veterans.  They are due in December, so they will go on the back burner for later, but I got the yarn today and that was exciting!

And last but not least.....drum roll please......My worthless renter is FINALLY moving out!  The lady that lives across the street texted me that they are moving!  Yahoo!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. The test knit dress is a cute one. I agree that it looks large for 6 months. The clogs are great! So what if one is a smidgen bigger, next ones will be perfect.