Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello....I had a wonderful surprise on my porch yesterday.  I am a huge longhorn fan (University of Texas) and their main color is burnt most of the things I make are in a burnt orange or saffron or somewhere near that color.  Many of my friends know that I love this this is what was on my porch yesterday!

Yup!  10 beautiful skeins of perfect orange berroco ultra alpaca!  YUMMY!  Thank you BJ!

I finished my Kindle Cover (BTW, this yarn was also gifted to me from a friend and she bought it just because of the color....she calls burnt orange "Carrie Orange"):

Well, I go on vacation tomorrow....I cannot wait...only 3 days and 2 nights, but it is a much needed vacation!  I am taking way too many projects with high hopes, so we will see how it goes.

These are the projects I am taking:

Lumberjack to make some socks for Antonio, my grandson, in burnt orange and off white.

Leftie for Camp Loopy #3 (I cannot believe I have not started this yet)

Daisy Love Test Blanket for ravellenics and for the tesk knit of course

and just in case I get really ambitious....I am also taking the honey cowl.

Sunday will be the closing Ceremonies for the Ravellenics at my LYS, Yarnivore!  Wish me luck that I win something ;)

Here is a cute pic I found on Facebook....One day I WILL get a knitting related tatoo...I am just not sure what or where yet!

Happy Wednesday everyone....I will probably not be back for a few days!


  1. That is a great surprise!! I have a knitting tatoo...for a long time now, way before it was cool! ha ha

  2. Love seeing cozy fire in carrie orange!