Monday, February 26, 2018

Monogamous Knitting?

Hey was your week?  Mine was great......I may have done some 'almost' Monogamous Knitting....can you believe it?

The main thing I worked on was my Portage!

I am already 1/2 way done with the body ribbing!

The only other thing I worked on were my socks....which I really only worked on for about an hour during the podcast this past Thursday!

I did celebrate my birthday yesterday and got some amazing gifts....I already told you that my parents got me some prescription sunglasses for the cruise.

Darlene got me way too much stuff as usual, but I love it.  She made me a Bags By Awesome Grannie Tote that I will use for the Cruise, Birkenstock sandals for the cruise, a cool French press mug we will use for the cruise and a 6 month subscription to the tea of the month from Plum Deluxe....amazing!!!

I also got my February Skein of Yarn from the Harry Potter Yarn club she bought me for Christmas....I love it!

A good friend from work got me sushi for my lunch during the was delicious.  I even got Darlene to try a piece!

I got to watch Jaz on Saturday....she really thinks she is a lap dog.

Jaime took me out to dinner on Saturday night and there was a beautiful sunset.

On Sunday I had Dim Sum with my family.....My mom, Dad, Sister, brother in law, nephew, niece, niece's two friends, Jaime and myself.....Here is a high up shot of some of the food.

I got to see my sister and give her the cardigan I made her....just in time for her to go to Colorado for a week during spring break....I snapped a shot while we were in line for Dim Sum

My sister got me some beautiful flowers too!

The restaurant we went to has beautiful (and some large) Koi fish

My mommy gave me some of my favorite chocolates from Germany

Chris came over on Sunday to play with Antonio and he brought me beautiful roses!  This young man is amazing and we are lucky to have him in our life!

Lastly, I got a thank you present from Darlene's daughter, Shyla.....for making the shawls for her wedding....Shyla made me a is Flannel and I love is super soft.  I cannot wait to get home and use it tonight!  Thank you Shyla (and Darlene as Darlene did the to pinning, quilting and binding)!!!!  The quilt even has an orange alien...I have named him Allen!

Have a great week everyone!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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