Monday, February 12, 2018

Cold, Cold....go away!

Man has it been cold lately....just when I thought we were out of the cold (and I got to put some 80 degree weather in my temperature blanket), Bam!  it gets cold again.  This morning was 29 degrees here.....I want some warmer weather.....but then again....I do knit for days like these :)

So what have all ya'll been up to?  Me....I have been knitting my fingers to the bone on my sister's sweater.

I worked on it all week and finally blocked it yesterday......Now it just needs the underarms seamed up, and the button band and the button hole band :)

While it was drying yesterday, I worked a little on my socks....clue 4.

And that is all I knitted on....I hope to finish the sweater and these socks this week.

As far as other shenanigans.....I had Celeste, Antonio and Jaz this past weekend.....Jaz is 6 months now....can you believe it?

 Chris stopped in for a visit too!

The only other think I have is that I got some new luggage last week for the cruise (the large one should be delivered this week) is getting real people....48 days to go!

 The weather has been grey and gloomy all week, but we did squeak out one nice sunrise :)

Have a great week everyone!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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