Monday, March 5, 2018

Bind Off Frustrations!

Hello are you and how has your week been?  Mine has been great with the exception of some bind off frustrations that I will get into later.....but my cruise is in just 28 days....I am getting super excited!  Darlene and I have been making lists and getting things together....We are going to get our bags monogramed and I bought us some super cute hats....mine is black...Darlene's is Red:

We are super excited!

I have been working on my Portage....but ran into a huge snag, the bind off frustation....I was doing the tubular bind off and realized that somewhere along the way, I must have started doing the steps in the wrong is hard to tell, but where the darning needle is shows where it starts to look I had to un-sew the tubular bind off on at least 10" was not easy and it was super frustrating....but it is now done.  After doing so much of this tubular bind off, I can see that it is just the Kitchener stitch if your work is a 1x1 ribbing and you have all your knits on the front needle and purls on the back needle.....I think it maybe have been easier to do it that way, but oh well, it is done!

Then I worked on the first sleeve....I am almost done with it, but not quite.

I also signed up for Sock Madness.....I know, I am crazy....Sock Madness is a sock knitting competition that is kind of like March Madness...the college basketball craze.....I am not planning on getting very far in the competition, right now I am just on the qualification round.  This is my first year of doing Sock Madness and there are so many wonderful knitters to chat with in the forums!

Heel Done!

Sock 1 done and Sock 2 started!  I never knit socks this way, so I hope I do not loose momentum!

I learned something else from Sock Madness......I learned about this little pastry/amazingness called Stroopwafels......and I am in love!  I should be loosing weight before the cruise, but I am pretty sure I am now gaining it with these amazing wafels!

Well, that is pretty much all I have......I did get a picture of a pretty cool looking full moon in my backyard, and Precious loves my new quilt....LOL!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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