Monday, February 5, 2018

Already February?

Can you believe it is already February....January went by pretty quickly!

First I want to say a huge congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles.....I watched the game last night and it was AMAZING.....great job and well deserved (and yes, I was rooting for the Eagles!) FLY EAGLES FLY!!

So what have I been up to knitting wise?  Well, I got the yarn that Paige bought for me to make her Gryiffindo that is a stash enhancement

I also got the cutest mini scissors from Never Not Knitting....the little sweaters are magnetized on the inside so they hold on to the scissors.

Then I got the brown yarn bowls and Darlene bought one from me

And Jen at TurtleMade offered to make me a candy apple red yarn bowl so I could give away the first red yarn bowl on the podcast!  She is so amazing!

Now Darlene and I each will have one brown and one candy apple red yarn bowl.

I started a pair of socks with the Harry Potter Club Sock Yarn....I love this yarn....Thank you Darlene for my amazing Christmas gift!

Clue 3 came out in the LoveFool MKAL I worked on those...just one more clue this coming Friday.

I also started and finished a Hat for my Aunt and Uncle....they got me this yarn from New I made a hat and I am going to offer it to them since I think they will get more wear out of it...the pattern is called Gridiron.

and lastly I worked on my sister's Ranger....I think I have about 1 1/2 inches and I can start short rows and then join the sleeves....Yeah!

Other interesting stuff from the week:

Antonio got a 2nd stripe on his yellow belt....

He has been playing with cups

And I made the most amazing Cinnamon Roll Layer Cake....I only made mine 2 layers and saved the third layer without frosting...but this is by far the best cake I have ever baked!  Antonio, Paige, Jaime and I all loved it!

That is all I have......Have a great week everyone!

This was drawn by someone in a FB group I am a member is called The Last Stitch...amazing!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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