Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2018 Here We Come!

Are you ready for 2018?  Well it is almost here whether or not you are ready!  Sorry I did not post yesterday (Monday....my regular day) but it was Christmas and I was lazy and enjoying Antonio and Paige coming over!

Last week, almost right after I blogged, Darlene and I did our gift exchange and you know how fabulous she is!  She got me Knit Happens pajamas with matching mug, a Fullmosa Apple Watch band, an entire 3 month membership to the Harry Potter sock of the month club from Molly at a homespun house!  She also made me a tote bag with Pigs in mud....OMG, pigs in mud!!! This is the cutest fabric!!!🐖 🐷 Thank you Darlene!

It is funny how we both think so much alike because I got her pj's too, along with some shoes she has been trying to find, a basket, our regular annual dachshund calendars and I made her a sweater......yup, it was super secret knitting that I have not been able to tell you about till now.....but she loved it.  Now, the sweater is meant to be big, but the sweater I made Darlene is Big with a capital B.  I think it is a bit too long, but I couldn't change it and  (thankfully) she loves it......

So there is my secret knitting...when I entered the yardage into my knitmeter account, this sweater put me at exactly 12 miles this year....that is one mile per month and it was my silent little goal I had for myself, so I was just thrilled!
What else have I been doing?  Well, I worked a little on my Birthday Yarn Crochet Blanket......I am really enjoying working on this with the cooler weather....the last time I crocheted on it, it was around where my finger is in this picture....so I have almost doubled the size...but still have a long way to go!

Darlene and I also got a brilliant idea to start a new blanket!!!  We have been talking about "what are we going to do with all our one skeins of fingering yarn?"  Neither of us like one skein shawls, and both of us are a little 'over' shawls because we rarely wear them.....so why not make a huge blanket?  We are going to make Stephen West's Briochevron Blanket.....Darlene is going to use her Hippo yarn on one side and solids on the other.  I am doing oranges on one side and reds/purples on the other.  I am also doing it as a mystery.  I put all yarn in a plastic mailer bag and then put and R or O on it so I can pick a Red or Orange color.

Darlene's Yarn:
 My Yarn:
 Wrapped Yarn:
 Darlene's start:
 My Start:
Picking Up I-cord:

I was able to finish my set up rows.....I think Darlene and I will work on her set up rows at lunch today:

I think the only other thing I worked on this week was a cowl for Paige....she asked me to make this for her back in August......so I need to get this done.

And that ladies and gentlemen......is all I have in the knitting/crocheting world....However, if you want to hear about my Christmas....then keep reading.

First, last Friday I had precious groomed, I got picked up Antonio from Daycare and Paige brought me Jazz so I could watch them Friday and Saturday

Then....the call came....3:30 in the morning Paige called that she had been in an accident.  THANKFULLY, Everyone was okay...but I am not sure if I can say the same for her car, Betty.....we are waiting to hear from insurance to see if they total it out.

She is using my car this week while I borrow a car from Jaime.....so on to Christmas.....

Chris....who is Paige's ex, my son's best friend, and like a son to me....got me an amazing mug for Christmas....he actually went to Yarnivore (a local yarn shop) and picked this up for me....I LOVE IT!!!!!

Jaime gave me some beautiful "I Love Knitting" jewelry and a car decal

On Christmas Eve, it was time for church and seeing the whole family

 Celeste looks just like Paige.....

Then it was time for my daddy to open his sweater.......drum roll please:

 It Fits......Yeah!

My dad said it was VERY WARM....I told him it should be, it was 100% wool.  I know he wore it the next morning to walk Bella (the dog) in 40 degree weather and he said he was nice and toasty. 

As we were talking about me knitting the sweater.....my mom pulled out two sweaters she knit for her and my dad (matching) before I was born...I knew my mom knit a little before I was born, but not this much.....she did an amazing job on these sweaters!

Celeste had to model...and if you scroll back up and see Paige with a yellow/mustard hat on, my mom knit that too.

After my dad got his sweater and said how warm it was....my sister put it on and LOVED it....as soon as my sister walked out of the room, my brother in law said that my sister would love a sweater like that because she is ALWAYS cold.......so I asked my sister what color and she said red....more of a brick red than a candy apple red.....of course she also said only if she could pay for the yarn and also buy me a present....but I am hoping she forgets that part because I would just love to make her a sweater....so I ordered some Cascade 220 super wash in Red Wine Heather......my sister said to surprise her on the color and Paige picked this color over the Ruby I have.....so it should be on it's way this week.  It will be my project for the first ever Knitter's Gotta Knit KAL.....I will cast on December 31st  :)

So.....that was my amazing Christmas....I hope the picture overload was not too much!  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have a wonderful ring in of the New Year (I will be knitting or sleeping).  I will see ya'll in 2018!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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