Monday, April 17, 2017

Hoppy Easter! He is Risen!!

I hope you had a fabulous Easter Holiday! 

With all the Hoppy Fun I had with my grandkids this past weekend....sometimes it is easy to forget why we have this Holiday.....Alleluia!  He is Risen!

I am gonna go thru the knitting stuff first....and then I have TONS of pictures for you.  Not only of my grandkids for Easter...but also of Shyla and Tim's was beautiful and all the shawls looked fabulous! (pics at the end).

I finally blocked the mystery item...and once I am allowed, I will share pictures.

I got to the 4th color on my is the Lucille that Darlene let me have...I am in love with this yarn.

I also worked on my And Then Some Shawl....I am a little worried to see if I have enough of the Deep Sea Jellyfish left after section 4...but it says I only need 10% , and I have a little more than that...we will see.

I also started this VooDoo You Love doll for Antonio...I just need arms and legs :)

I got some new linen yarn....I have this in Black, Red, Grey, Green, and Pink.  I want to make a Whippet with this yarn...not sure what color yet.

Then, Dyakcraft went and 'Did it again"....they posted this on Instagram:

Which resulted in me buying a pair...

Now that Antonio lives at my house....we have been doing lots of stuff and I have not been able to knit as much as I usually do...but that is okay...I am having a blast with him.  We got new I SPY Books (we look for things every night before bed)

And he has been painting (Move over Picasso!)

We even went on a walk at the park (yes, you read that right....I did some physical activity) and he saw a snake...and we might have brought back a little hitchhiker.

Then, I got a badge for the neighborhood pool and he loves to swim and play at the park there (We actually have a lot of nice amenities in the neighborhood):

Saturday we went to the greatest wedding ever....Congrats Tim and Shyla!!!

Here is the Shyla with her shawl that Darlene made and her Maid of Honor (her daughter, Peyton) on the right with the Celestarium I knit.

Then I got a few pics of all the ladies with their shawls....but this is probably the best one I have.

Then, Celeste and Cat came over on Saturday evening....and spent the night so we could all do an easter egg hunt together.....oh what fun.  I leave you with Easter Fun Picture Overload:

Lastly....Precious has dumped me for Antonio....she sleeps with him now...LOL!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!!

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