Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Second Annual BIG 4 Retreat....join us!

Do you remember the BIG 4 Retreat from Last Year?  Well, it is just about that time again!

I know this retreat is not for everyone.  I wish I could be a monogamous knitter or freak out if I have more than 3 wips at one time....but unfortunately, I am not...I guess I have the knitting attention span of a dog......Squirrel!

So, if you have any wips at all and want to join us (me and Darlene) I hope you do!

Now.....I need to pick my Big 4 items.

Of course I will put my current Find Your Fade as one of the items.

Then I was thinking I could finish my Snowmelt MKAL that everyone else has already finished....this is the fabulous yarn that my great friend, Ruby, bought really needs to get finished!

I also started a pair of Converse Edition Socks for my Aunt Irene in Canada over a year ago....I am ashamed to say they are just barely started and then....Squirrel!

For my last project....I am a little torn.  I really want to finish my Briochevron Cowl and Paige's Autumn Gold Lace Hat.....Paige's hat is from 2014, and my Cowl is only from last I thinking I should go with the hat....but I really want to do the Cowl.....ARGH!!!!  Decisions, Decisions!  Which should I do?

So.....will any of you guys be joining us?  If you are, please use #secondannualbig4retreat in any social media posts....then we can see all the fabulous wips that get some love and get done!

Edited to add:
Ravelry Chat Group Here.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Go with the cowl. It's what you want to do....

  2. I think I need to join, again. Le Sigh. I finished 3 last year. Maybe I can get that 4th project from the 2016 retreat completed... A girl can hope.

    1. Yahoo.....I am confident you can get that 4th one done! I am so glad you are joining us!

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah MK! My sister's last name is Flynn, so I love seeing that saying!