Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy October!!!

Hello Everyone......It is October and it finally feels like it here in San Antonio.  It was about 62 degrees Fahrenheit this morning!  Paige even sent me a text of her wearing socks I knit her:

I still have a pretty nasty cough from my Bronchitis, but I am going back to the doctor today so I hope she gives me something to help.

Okay....I have some stash enhancements...First, I got my new iPhone 7....I had the iPhone6 (not the s) so I was looking forward to this release for a better camera...I am enjoying this new phone!

I also got some more DVD yarn in the Animal Dreams colorway.

Then, I got sweater yarn...for a sweater for me...I am not sure which sweater yet...but I want a sweater for me.

Then, I snagged Hedgehog yarn....I am pretty sure I will use these together in a shawl (but I might trade out the one to the far left with another variegated), but I am not sure which shawl yet.....Maybe Stephen West Mystery KAL or his Boardwalk Pattern.

A friend of mine found some hedgehog at a local store and snagged these two for me:

I also hit the 10k club with Eat.Sleep.Knit, and got a free skein of Western Sky Knits in the Beam Me Up colorway.  I think I may make a hat with this!

I got a 2nd skein from the Miss Babs Tour (I showed you my first skein last week):

Darlene got me a Fleegle Beader....Thank you Darlene!

This week has been crazy..Paige's car was in an accident...they have totaled the car...when she went to get all her stuff out of it, she was the first to come up on an accident where a car was on fire and she called 911 and helped people out of their vehicles.

We get to go car shopping this week....not fun! on to the knitting.  Well, I feel like I really have not knit much this week...I worked on my Celestarium....I am really enjoying knitting on this a lot more than I thought I would:

And I started my October socks......

That is it....that is all I knit

I had Antonio a few nights this past week and he actually had  homework....he got to take home the backpack for adventures with Sadie....Sadie is the classroom stuffed Antonio took some pictures with Sadie....even during golf.

We also went to the park with Sadie:

Have a great week everyone!  I leave you with some pictures of Precious not being able to get comfy.....LOL!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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