Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I hope you had a fabulous week!  I have couple of stash enhancements:

I saw this yarn on IG and had to have is called Dirty Pumpkin!  I am thinking of getting the Happy Pumpkin to coordinate with it.

The shop is called FireFlyFibreArts and is on Etsy.

She even put extra goodies in the bag....<3

Then, Dyakcraft had to come out with a new color of needles.....called Sugar Maple :)

At first.....I was really good....I only got one pair....a 3.5" pair in size 10 to finish out my 3.5" set.....this was not taken in the greatest is hard to see (far right) but it is different from the has more red in it.

But who was I kidding with just getting one pair......Darlene and I both got the whole set in 5"

They are BEAUTIFUL!!

As for the knitting.....a couple of weeks ago I told you that I cast on for the sweater that Paige wants.....but then later realized I never really blogged about the sweater that Paige wants (at least I do not think I brain aka rememberer is not what it used to be....LOL)!

So, here is a text from her from a while back (she sometimes calls me Madre, so I call her Daudre....Yes, I know this is not a real Spanish word...just something between us).  Anyway, this text should just about sum it up:

I could not find an exact pattern anywhere, so I am trying to design it as I go.......hey, stop laughing!

Here is the full size picture and I think the main sources of the picture is here (scroll down).

Well, here is my progress....I have two front panels going and the back....they all curl so it is very hard to take pics of them...but here they are:

Then I knit on the fabulous black sweater....this is going to be getting a certain amount of attention each week till Christmas so I can get it my blog my have less knitting to show since I am sure you do not want a picture of this very hard to see black sweater every week....but it is just about all I have been knitting on along with Paige's sweater:

Now, tomorrow is November 1st (can you believe it?) and that means I will be able to start my November socks....I think I will do Animal Dreams this month.....with my new Bags By Awesomegrannie bag set!

I tell myself I am not going to do this DVD sock club next month, but I have a few more skeins on the way so I think I may do one more year of it...we will see!

Okay, that is all I have on knitting (pretty lame, I know)...but I did have Antonio this weekend and we went for a quick trip to see his Tio.....They had a blast......

Antonio also played with some legos....and colored some Happy Halloween patterns on the iPad.

He brought me a decorated pumpkin:

And after he went home, he carved some pumpkins:

He also had a science project to do...and he loved it.....he makes a perfect scientist!

I've still been enjoying my Hello Fresh box I get each week....this week I made a Pork Loin that was DELICIOUS!  Mine does not look exactly like the picture, but it was fabulous!

My next box is delivered tomorrow...Yeah!

Well, that is all I have....I have some picture to share that are Halloween related and some pictures of precious knitting with me and the remote....she has a rough life!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Thank you so much for the review! <3

    1. Maggie, you are so welcome....the yarn is fabulous and I am in LOVE with the colors....they scream my name! Oh, and that tea you gave me as an extra....LOVE IT! Thank You! I may have just ordered a box :)