Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Hello everyone!  How have you been for the last week?  I have been Great!  Paige's 21st birthday was this past Wednesday....so Happy Birthday Paige!  Labor Day was yesterday, so Happy Labor day to all, and Antonio got to go fishing for the first time this past weekend....so Happy Fishing!  Happy, Happy, Happy!

Let me jump right into stash enhancements!

I got a new Bags By Awesome Grannie Bag....it is a Halloween bag and has 2 witches!  One witch is knitting and one has a yarn ball for hair....I LOVE IT!

I already have my Celestarium in it ready to start.  I am going to make the North Star Bead larger than the other beads (thanks to Michelle on the Knotty Knit Wits Podcast for the idea) and my friend, Anne, gave me a few beads to choose for the North Star:

Somebody asked me how many Bags I have.....well, I do not know....but here is a picture of most of them (but not all of them):

Let's not forget.....

Somewhere in the middle of the week, I got a text from Paige this past week asking me to make her a sweater for Christmas:

So I got some yarn for the sweater....Here is the sweater that I have to try to make and the yarn I got for it.

My LSSK Knitting Sistah's have given me some great pattern ideas and I am going to try to mesh up a few different patterns to see what I can do.....wish me luck!

Well, that is for stash enhancements...Let's go to FO's!

I do have a better picture of my blocked spire....Thank you Darlene for blocking it for me!

I made a Spiderman Mask for Antonio! He really loved it (ps, that is my mom in the background of the first picture):

And, I finished my Scamper socks....they are a bit too big for me, but I think my mom will love them.

WIPS......well, I started a Harley Hat for Jaime....but I had one stitch that was off on the 'invisible' cast on and it was driving me crazy (it made the invisible cast on not so invisible)....so I frogged it.  I will try to restart it later this week (it takes quiet and conentration).  The DCS Pigskin Party Start this Thursday, so I think I am just going to wait till Thursday to start anything new....I was not going to do the DCS Pigskin Party this year, but I have done it for two years and I enjoyed it....so I am going to do it again!

Since I am waiting till Thursday to cast on anything else....I worked on 'The Black Sweater'....it is really hard to see (because it is black), but I have about 6" done on the back and one front panel....the other front panel is about 4".  I still have a long way to go, but I feel I got a lot of this done this past weekend.  :)

Well, that is all I have.....I leave you with some pictures from Paige's Birthday and from fishing this past weekend!

Yes, she is covering her face....

Jaime's finger was in the way, but it is still a pretty good picture....it is just blocking my face...LOL!

That is all I have...Happy, Happy, Happy Knitting everyone!

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