Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Celeste!

Hello everyone!  How was your week?  Well, mine was productive....but not so much in the knitting area.

I have only knit on one thing all week, and that is my Doodler Clue 1....yes, Clue 2 has come out, and I have not even started it....I am on my last and final wedge of clue 1 (Number 17)...

I was productive in my yarn stash!  First, I acquired a few more skeins of yarn.  Here are a few stash enhancements......

The most exciting part was I also had friends come over and help me get my Ravelry Yarn Stash up to, it is not 100% up to date, but I know what is done and what is not...and it is much more manageable now!

Here are a few photos......Thank you so much to Tami and Melissa!

Then, I got some more Hiya Hiya Needles for hostessing KAL's for Qianer.....thank you Qianer....these are the Large needle sets in both 5" and 4" with "Knitphomaniac" lasered on the tips....they are awesome!

Then, it was grandchildren time.....Jaime and I were going to go out to Red Lobster on Thursday night...but someone missed me (and I missed him too), so look who met me to eat dinner with me?  Best Date Ever!

Celeste's birthday is Nov 22, but she had her party a little early.....she was having a double party with her cousin, Mia.  They booked a whole skating rink just for the party after hours.

First, I told Antonio I would pick him up and take him with me (since mom works later than when it started)....boy was he tired.....

It is good he got a little nap in...cuz next it was time to skate:

I think it was a great party.....Celeste had a great time and even Cataleya got into the dancing spirit...and Paige got roller skates on too.....Antonio enjoyed chasing her around the rink in tennis shoes....LOL!

And no skating event would be completely without the Hokie Pokie...even if Antonio does not know his right from his left!

Happy Birthday Celeste!  I hope you had a great time!

Have a great week everyone!

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