Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day!!

So, I prefer to be a couple days early other than a couple days late....I want to say Happy Veteran's Day to all our Veterans out there and a Big 'Ole Texas THANK YOU!

I am going to start with some stash enhancements that I do not have a good picture of.....but do you remember my Haunted Sock yarn from The Cozy Knitter?

Here it is if you do not remember:

Well, I had her do two custom colorways for with Large stripes and one with Small stripes...this is what she drew up for me....I am going to have to get some pics and share them next week.

I got my new Northern Lights Black Nickel 5" 3.5" set should be here this week!

And I bought myself a ring....I know this is not knitting related, but I love it!

Okay, as for the knitting.....I do not have much.  I worked a lot on Paige's socks....I got both of them past the heel...then did some increases because she wants the legs 'loose' and kind of puffy.

Then it was time for clue 1 to the Stephen West MKAL.....well, I started Friday at lunch....

But I realized I did it wrong (the pic above is the wrong way) when I got home, I re-started:

and I spent a lot of time on this guy.....

I am TRYING (and I do mean trying) to do this whole shawl with continental is going, but it is going slow....sometimes I find myself going back to my throwing...but I try to change back to continental right away......

I got done with the 10th wedge....I still have 7 more wedges to go...and the rows are getting these last few wedges will take a while...I hope to finish by Friday before clue 2 comes there are some finishers of clue one (of course) and clue 1 seams to take all of yarn color I am really curious as to where he goes with the next clues with only colors B and C.

We had a little bit of a cold front come in this past weekend.....and I decided to make a was nice and cozy with a cup of tea, football on the TV and knitting in hand.

Well, that is all I have....only 2!  I am slacking....ha, ha!

Have a great week!

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