Monday, November 30, 2015

December Already?

Hi everyone....can you believe that tomorrow is going to be December 2015?  Just 32 more days and we will be in 2016....crazy!

I am going to jump right into my stash enhancements.

I got my last 3 skeins of yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks....this will make 13 skeins of DVD yarn so I can participate in the pair of socks a month next year (Yes, I know I only need 12, but I have one spare).  There is Color Accents Orange, Zombody Says Boo, and Laduree Macaroons:

Then, Knit Picks brought back their felici yarn for a limited time, so I got 4 in the Time Traveler colorway and 4 in the Rainbow colorway:

I think I have told you guys before that I am not doing the Strickmich!Club for thing that Martina does is send 4 club color beads with each shipment.  I have not used these beads yet, but I have a friend (Paula) that does not use her beads and she has sent me hers....she sent me her last two sets recently....THANK YOU PAULA!  You Rock!

Last week I told you that I was doing a HiyaHiya New products swap.  Basically, I send out an envelope with some new HiyaHiya products and that person sends me some sock yarn....well, I got my first package.  This is a skein of Opal Yarn.

My last stash enhancement is not knitting related.....I have worn glasses from about the age of 9 to 32.  I had Lasik Surgery in January of 2004....well, the told me that when I hit my 40's I would need reading glasses, and it was very probable that I would need distance glasses again.  I am 43 now (soon to be 44) and it was I went to the eye dr and she said I need my first pair of progressives.  They came in on Friday and I have been trying to get used to them since.  They give me a headache and I think I see worse with them....but I will give them another week or so and see if I can get used to them.

Now, on to the knitting!  I told you last week that I moved into a new building at work and showed you my wonderful view.....well, I did not tell you that it is  FREEZING in this, I decided to make myself a pair of Fingerless Mitts with some of my new Felici Yarn.  I finished one, but still need to do the gusset and hand on the second one.

Darlene wants to make her daughter a pair of these along with a sockhead hat for Christmas, so I told her I would get her mitts started:

I think I may have done one or two more cables on my Doodler Shawl.....I think this shawl may go on the back burner for a while.

That is pretty much it for the knitting....however, I more things coming down the pipeline that will start tomorrow (the 1st of December).

My sister called to tell me that my niece wants a pair of hand knit socks for Christmas.....I wish she would have told me that like a month I will be starting those tomorrow for my December pair of socks.

Then, Paige loved her baggy black socks and apparently so did her boyfriend (Chris)...she sent me this text:

So, her boyfriend wanted some socks with a pattern on it (funny, I know!).....but he is going to settle on just grey....for December in the Bags By Awesome Grannie Forum, there is a contest to use Biscotte Cie yarn.....well, I found this grey Biscotte Cie yarn and he likes I am going to try to get some men's size baggy socks is the color that is on it's way to me from Canada!

Yesterday was Jaime's Birthday....and while I am certain he does not read my blog (heck, he has enough of my knitting on a daily basis), I still want to say Happy Birthday Jaime!

Well, that is all I have....I leave you with a few pictures of the kids playing on Thanksgiving at my  aunt's house (You should recognize Antonio and Celeste)!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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