Monday, May 5, 2014

Is it May already?

My My May......How time flies!

I have not knitted that much this past week....but time just keeps flying by.

My nephew had his confirmation this past weekend....I am soooooo proud of him!!!  There were 90 confirmands and the ceremony was 2 hours and 15 min, but it was worth it.  I have never knitted in church so I was not sure if I could not or.....I chose not to, but I am thinking next time I will be taking my knitting...ha, ha!  Isn't my nephew handsome?

So....what did I knit on?  Well, pretty much just socks!  I finished Celeste's socks!

I worked on my double gusset on the bottom socks...just need to knit a little more on second one, do the cuff and I am done....I am hoping to write out the pattern this week!  I love the way these socks feel on my feet and my daughter has already tried to steal them and they are not even done!

Then, I pulled out some socks I started for Tour de Sock last year......since I signed up to be on the same Team Roasted this year....I thought maybe I should try to finish up last years sock first.

I do not have too much more to go....just a little cuff on one and then the heel and foot on both!

I have a couple of stash enhancements.....a variety of sorts....first, I got my second set of dyakcraft needles.  These are in the chestnut color, purple case, and lace tips (my first set is regular tips).

Next......remember that Waves Scarf KAL I did and finished in April?  Well, there was a lady in that KAL named Roxi....her yarn was gorgeous....I guess every time she posted a picture I kept telling her how much I loved the yarn (I did not know I was doing this too much) and when the KAL was over, she sent me her left overs......I love this yarn.  It is Brooks Farm Yarn Solo Silk and the color is all me....I love it!  I cannot thank Roxi enough!  Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, there is a lady from one of my SNB groups named Betsy...she is a weaver.  She posted some pictures of some kitchen towels and I loved I gave her my colors of my kitchen (red and brown) and she made me some kitchen towels....hand woven.  These are so much more awesome in real life!  Thank you Betsy!

Remember that news that was in the works about Darlene?  Well, I am sure you guys have all figured out that she is opening an etsy store.....she is so close to opening, I can taste it!  She has some inventory, she has ordered extra supplies, she ordered her business cards, made her ravelry group, and now we are just finalizing a few more things....then it should be open....really soon!  Remember, if you want to win one of her bags, you have a chance to win one here at this KAL.

I took Precious to the groomer last week...and while I did not get a 'before' picture, I think her 'after' pictures are too cute not to share:

Those bows lasted all of about 4 min at home!  ha, ha!

That is all I have for this week.....I hope you all have a fabulous week!  I leave you with a semi blurry pic of Antonio in a new outfit my mom got him....he is so handsome and I love his smile!  Plus, a little bit of Spurs Love as they advance on in the NBA playoffs after beating the Dallas Mavericks in game 7 yesterday!  Go Spurs Go!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. OMG, Carrie, I hadn't even realized you had a blog until today and I just found this post. Thank you!!

    1. Betsy, I'm glad you saw the post! Be sure to go to this post ( and comment for a chance to win a set of AwesomeGrannie project bags! I love the towels you wove for me...they are awesome!!!!

    2. I forgot to mention that I love the pics of the dog and your grandson, too. They are both cute!