Thursday, May 15, 2014

Enhancements Week(s)!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Did you have a great Mother's Day?  I hope you did!  Paige got me some beautiful flowers with a home made card and I got a card from my son too!

I have not done as much knitting as I usually do....I guess I have been busier than normal.  I did work on finished some socks for Darlene....she is crazy busy sewing bags for her new shop and I wanted to help her out (since she does SOOOOO much for me, it was a tiny way to say thank you).....these are for 2 of her grandkids.....

I knitted a little on my Samadhi...I am just about 1/2 way done and have about 58 grams left.

I know I have been telling you guys what a sock kick I am on....well, I could not resist casting on for the Shadowboxing socks in the Hiya Hiya May/June KAL....when I went to my nephew's confirmation a few weeks ago, I was knitting on socks and my mom was bragging on me a little (hey, she is proud of me!) and telling the ladies that I do not really sell any of my stuff (because I do not want to turn my love into a chore) but that I just enjoy knitting the items and most of the time I give the items away (which is all true) my sister's sister-in-law (follow that?) mentioned how much she would love a pair and that her favorite color was purple.....I resisted and resisted and resisted, telling myself that I will make her the first pair of socks for Tour de Sock out of purple...but I caved.....and I casted these on (my first Tour de Sock will still be in purple out of that Invictus yarn I showed you guys last we will see which pair she gets).

Sadly, that is just about all on my knitting front...but I have quite a few stash enhancements to share with you.....I was kicking myself when I did not take advantage of the sport weight felici sock yarn that Knit Picks discontinued over a year this time I wanted some sock weight before it is discontinued....I got Jingle and Lighthouse...

Then, when Darlene heard me talk about starting a new pair of purple socks for my sister's sister-in-law, she offered me this yarn in Foxglove....I may still keep it ;)

When I ordered my camp loopy yarn, I could not decide on the color at the time and also ordered Cobalt Hydroxide and Kinetic Energy (pictures from The Loopy Ewe)....

But in the end, the XRay won and it will be my Camp Loopy Yarn for Project 1....I have always found it fascinating the difference between how yarn looks twisted up in a hank and wound out into a cake.....Here is Xray both ways...what a difference.

Again on the lines of being on a sock kick...Stacie from MustStash, had some preorder for her Martian Rainbow...I could not resist....and I am glad I did not resist...I love this yarn!

Vanesa's Vintage Rose Loves shop finally reopened after the Maryland Sheep and Wool I stocked up.....I love all her markers!  I got lots of lobster claw ones this time.

I also got in my Hostess prize from Hiya Hiya for hostessing the Waves Scarf KAL....Thank you Qianer and Hiya Hiya....I now have both the small and large interchangeable sets with my name lasered on the needles!!  LOVE THESE!

My last stash enhancement(s) from the last couple of weeks are Bags from Bags by AwesomeGrannie.....she is my best friend and I am super proud of her for getting her shop opened...I had to snag a couple of bags just for me.......I got a cute critter sock sack:

Matching Critter bag set...I love the paw prints inside:

Camp Loopy in White:

Market Days:

And one of my favorites (that I cannot believe has not sold out).....the Circus!!!!!

I know, I know....I am a Bag Ho!!!  But can one really ever have enough bags?

Well, I am sure this post has been far too long for you....sorry about that, but it is mostly pictures.  I hope everyone saw my free sock pattern I posted a few days ago here....may by catch my sock kick bug.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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