Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy 101 Post....Blogiversary is a coming!!!

This is my 101st, I cannot believe it.  I looked at the calendar and I am also about to hit my 2 year blogiversary....I am not sure what the technical name is, but I will hit 2 years on June 7th!  Now I am going to have to think of a great prize give away to do or something!  Stay tuned...and better yet, give me some ideas.....what should I do?  A giveaway?

So I think I got a lot of good knitting time in this past weekend....I enjoyed it at least.  I mentioned last week that I started Spire for a new KAL with my SNB group along with the awesome bags that Darlene will gift as a giveaway for that KAL.  I have not gotten too far, but I did get to chart B.

Then I finished the Silver Fern Scarf on Thursday but was not able to block it till Saturday...It is pretty long...after drying it is about 88" long and almost 10" over 7 feet, it is very nice.

Mid week I hit a bit of a sock kick....I was reading the MustStashPodcast forum on ravelry and SupaSteph has been talking about this double gusset on the bottom of socks that she has been doing lately.  She got the instructions from TurtleGirl's blog....and has talked about how wonderful they are.  Well, I have also been on a self striping yarn kick lately so I wanted to see if I can do the double gusset on the bottom of the foot with a toe up sock (not cuff down) and use up all my awesome self striping yarn.  I think I have figured it out...however, I am not completely done with the sock, and I know this is not self striping yarn...I just wanted to give it a try with the awesome orange yarn Darlene gave me back in February......I am also moving along on Celeste's second sock...I really want to get that one finished this may be a week of socks.

Stay tuned and I may have a pattern written up for you guys soon!

Speaking of socks and self striping yarn....I could not help myself....I got another skein of Stacie's Perfect Sock base yarn in the colorway Happy Snowman.....her shop has an update tonight at 6 pm...check her out...I have heard she will have some awesome self striping rainbow yarn....look at this awesomeness!

During SNB this past Saturday at my house I decided to pull out the Strickmich!Club Package number 2 project and work on it for a is called Samadhi....It kind of got forgotten for a couple of weeks because it does not really have a set deadline......I got about 3 or 4 repeats done.

Then on to the project that sucked up my weekend.....the 12 foot Dr. Who would think I would be at least a foot or two done.....nope!  I got to the point where the scarf should have been a foot.....and it wasn' was barely over 7 inches.

So I cast on another one two needle sizes bigger and when I finished the second color, it should have been 4 3/4" but tit was only 3 1/2" (This means it could have the potential of being 3 1/6' short...yes, I am a math geek) I started another one again 2 needle sizes too big and only did 25 rows and when it should have been 3 1/2", it was 3 1/4" so this was the closest.....however, the 3rd one was the most 'hole-y' (is that a word)....more airish and less dense.

I sent a bunch of pictures to my friend to see what she wanted (since the scarf is for her son) and we both agreed on number 2....she wants some denseness, and I think the sheer weight of the completed scarf will make up for the 3 foot shortcoming......I ended up frogging number 1 and 3......then went to end of the second color with number 2.

 So while I should be much farther, I am not.....My nephew has his confirmation this next Saturday, and Saturday is usually one of my biggest knitting I may not get too much knitting done this next weekend, but we will see.......

If you are still reading.....thank you for reading my blog....I really appreciate it!  I had no clue I had hit 100 posts and this is my 101st....and in about 40 days, it will be 2 years since I started the, time does fly!  Now to think of an awesome give away!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy knitting!


  1. The Silver Fern scarf is beautiful!

  2. I'm interested in trying that double gusset too!! You're an amazing knitter!! BTW, I definitely plan to come to one of your SnB's this summer!!

    1. Shama, I cannot wait to see you! Just tell me when you are coming! Congrats on all your weight loss!

  3. I love the yarn for Spire and the beginning is very interesting. You have got to be one of the fastest knitters I know. Happy 101st blog!! Looking forward to your Anniversary Blog as well.

    1. Thanks Paula! Darlene put an optional cast on on her project page....I wish she would have thought about it before we both cast on...ha, ha. Here it is:

      I really am not that fast, I just love to knit in every spare second of my time....thanks for your kind words!

  4. My jaw hit the floor when I say your Silver Fern. That is truly amazing!
    I too have been watching Must Stash and have been interested in the double gusset Steph has been working on. Love seeing yours.

    1. Andi, what a super sweet comment! Thank you so much. I am hoping to have the double gusset toe up pattern done today or tomorrow so I can post it. I am trying to decide if I should charge for it (like $0.50 or $0.75) or just give it away for free...... I actually got to see Steph this past weekend at SNB and she was working on a sweater and a sock....we both decided that the double gusset is our new favorite and will do it with almost every sock from here on out.

      Thanks for your wonderful comments!

  5. Your blog was awesome this week!!!