Friday, October 18, 2013

And another one.....

It has been another crazy week, and it has also been 10 days since I last sorry!

I mailed out my Scarf Swap on Tuesday of this week...She got it yesterday and loved it.  She said she wore it all the rest of the day except when she ate...she even wore it to vacuum!!!

I am sooooo happy she liked it.

This will be a short post....I have been knitting on Nuvem.....making progress.  I also finally frogged the first nuvem I started and I am much happier with the new one.....  Here are some shots of the differences and the old one being frogged (the old one on the bottom of the first picture).

Old one increases:

New one increases:

Old ball of yarn (before ripping) vs new ball of yarn (to left) with much more completed:

Ball of yarn with nuvem before frogging (but needles have been removed) :

During Frogging:

After Frogging:

It was not as bad as I thought it would be.

I got a new Namaste Bag during the yarn crawl last weekend (it is the only store and only purchase I made for the Yarn Crawl this year)...then I headed to Junction.....I relaxed, knitted a bunch on my nuvem (because I was behind on my gram count) and took my new .22 Magnum to shoot it for the first did not kick any where near like the .38 did, but it was super loud (but I love it).  I also got to feed my 'boyfriend' a couple of apples:

Isn't he a handsome boyfriend?  His name is Yo Yo.

OK, I really did not have much this week....but I did fill you up with picture over load.....I will try to post early next week....I hope I get lots of knitting done this weekend!

Happy Happy Happy knitting to you all.....let me know of any of you know where a market like this is:


  1. I can see why the recipient of that scarf wore it all the time. It is so lovely!
    I have been debating knitting a Nuvem. Yours is so beautiful that it may have pushed me to cast on.

    1. Andi, I encourage you to cast on a Nuvem. But prior to doing so, I suggest a swatch with different types of increases. I do not like the increases the pattern recommends. I do a kfb, slip marker, kfb (no stitch in between them). I know some ppl who have done a m1l, slip marker, k1, just need to see what you like best.

      I am certain I will be making more than one Nuvem!