Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Happy Tuesday!  How was everyone's weekend?

I had a great weekend.  I got to watch 2 of my grandkids (Antonio and Celeste) and I got to see Cataleya (Celeste's sister)....she is soooooo cute....look at those cheeks!!!

I wish I had more pics of Celeste to post, but we get so busy sometimes I forget to pull out the camera. Celeste did snap a picture of the dogs...this is Tito and Precious.

Do you remember those purses that my best friend Darlene made for her granddaughters?  Well, I knitted it and she put one together for Celeste too, and Celeste loved it!  Thank you Darlene!!

I am almost done with my Deep Purple Shawl for my SA SNB KAL......I have less than 1/2 left to bind off, and then blocking!!

I also started on my Camp Loopy Project #3 finally.  I have approx 8 repeats done:

And the Crochet bag is so close to finishing, that I am using it already.  Darlene lined the inside for me and now I just have to finish the flowers that go on the handles.  It is super AWESOME!  I think I am going to make one more just a touch bigger, I love this one, but I wish it was bigger....I love big bags!

I do have some sad news from the weekend....I broke my yarn bowl.  It was nobody's fault but mine so I cannot get mad at anyone but me!  I am super bummed about it.  Darlene bought me this bowl and it was my first and only yarn bowl....I am going to try to super glue it, but I know it will not be the same....I am also going to go look online to see if I can find a yarn bowl that will never replace this one, but that may be almost as great.

Well, that is really all I have for this past weekend.  I hope to report more to you really soon!!!

Do you remember when your teacher's used to say "There is no stupid question!"....well, I found one!

Happy Happy Knitting everyone and have a fiberlicious week!

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