Monday, August 12, 2013

Crochet crazy for the Knitphomaniac!

Happy Happy Monday!  How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was great.

You know my Rainbow Crochet bag that I love?  Well, I am not sure if I told you, but I decided to make two more...but not in rainbow.  I think the Knitphomaniac has gond crochet crazy....not really, I am just bag crazy and I love these bags!  I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out two fabric patterns that I really liked, then tried to match yarn to the colors in the fabric.  I have a polka dot bag and a flower bag that I have started.  I am really digging the polka dot one because I love the light pastel-y colors.  I am not feeling the flower bag yet...but I think if I reverse the order of the pink and dark red (which I will do for the sides of the bag), I will like it much is a bit of the process

Other than crochet bags, the only other thing I worked on is my Groovy for Camp Loopy #3.  It is coming along...just went to second skein.

I did want to cast on very badly for a new pattern by my favorite designer, Martina Behm.  It is called Miss Winkles, and she designed it based on an episode from The Big Bang Theory, and that is one of my favorite shows to watch!  I almost bought the exact yarn she used for the one in her pattern, but I was good and have not ordered it.  I pulled out my variegated wollmeise yarns and I think I will use the one that is the 3rd from the is called Thriller....I was also thinking of the 3rd from the right, it is called Mäuseballett which I really like too.....but I was good and did not cast on at all...but I am itching to!

Oh....and I replaced my yarn bowl....what do you think?

I really do not have much else to report......I hope everyone has a great week!!!  And remember......

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!!!!


  1. How is your yarn bowl working for you? :-) Not sure, but it looks like it is one of mine! ;-) I'm always looking for suggestions on how to improve my design if you have any opinions just let me know! :-) Karan of

    1. Karan, I LOVE my yarn bowl! It is awesome. I also want to tell you that my boyfriend LOVES his custom coffee mugs I had you make him. Thank you sooooooo much! On my next blog, I'll post some pics and have a link to your awesome store!!!!

  2. Do you still have the flower fabric? Or the board it came on? Looking for the fabric for a autistic boy. My number is 903-855-9928. Thanks Christy Beasley, hughes springs texas. email: