Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Happy Monday....boy am I tired!  Mondays are always yuck, but this one is dragging!

This past weekend I went to a knitting retreat called WHIBSIB....I know I have mentioned it (a time or two) and it is my favorite weekend of the year!  Lots of knitting and gabbing with the greatest group of knitters from all around the great state of Texas!

One of the ladies (Shama) has been working on a Dr. Who blanket for her youngest son for over a year and she finished it and brought it to show is much more stunning in person.

When we have WHIBSIB we all meet up in a conference room.  This year we had to pay some $ for that conference room and we decided to recoup that money by having a raffle.  We did not know what the prize was till early Saturday morning when Sue came with the donations from The Knitting Nest in Austin....there were two beautiful skeins of a perfect Burnt Orange color.....I was in charge of selling the tickets, so as I sold the tickets I told everyone, "It does not matter who wins the raffle, that perfect orange yarn is going home with me!".  As I was selling the tickets, I would give each lady their portion of the ticket with the number and I would write their name on the ticket part that went into the 'bag' for the drawing......right before the drawing I said, "I wrote names on all the tickets", and another lady teased, "But did you write your name on all the tickets or the name of the person buying the ticket?" and I of course teased that I wrote my name on all the tickets......can you guess who won the raffle?

Yup!  I won......and I did not put my name on all the tickets....I had my ticket number as proof (see the blue tickets in the background).....but it was so funny when my name was drawn.  Here is a better picture of the winnings....The turquoise bag was purchased by our leader (the head of the group) and is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect size for me, the burnt orange yarn is Abuelita Yarns, fingering, 3ply, 100% merino.  There is 420 yards per skein....I have already started looking for the perfect pattern this yarn wants to be! there is a Simply Baby book by Debbie Bliss, a hand sewn knitting bag...this was hand sewn by one of the ladies in our group....with a full set of size 14" straight knitting needles, and some fun yarn with fur and ribbon (also in an orange) is an awesome prize and I am so happy I won it!

Now, in the picture above where I you see the knitting on my lap?  You guessed it, that is my Viajante that I feel like I have been knitting on forever!  Last Tuesday I was at 192 grams.....I am now at (drum roll please).....137 grams!  Yahoo!  I am back on target to finish by May 31st!

But (there is always a but).....I just got a text from Amanda (my DIL) during lunch that she will be induced tomorrow at 4:30 am and Alexxis Maranda Ramirez will be born tomorrow.  I am making 2 blankets for Alexxis and I would like to take the pom pom one to the hospital with me....preferably, finished!  So tonight will be pom pom blanket knitting time!

Speaking of pom pom blankets and babies.....Celeste's sister was born last Thursday and the pom pom blanket was done just in the nick of time.  Here is Celeste with her new sister, Cataleya, and a picture of the finished pom pom blanket.

I almost forgot.....I start a new KAL this coming Saturday.  This is a fingerless mitts KAL I am doing for a new local yarn store by my house.  It is called Inskein Yarns.  I told the owner and manager there that I would be a moderator on their ravelry group and hold KAL's from time to time....I am really looking forward to it.  We will be making Susie Rogers' Fingerless Gloves and the ladies got to pick their yarn from Kollage Milky Whey or Debbie Bliss Bella.  We will need size 5 DPN needles, so I ordered some new ones that are really cute...They are in support of Stitch Red which is "Sticking it to Heart Disease"!...they are red, and they are Kollage Square needles......

Here is my cute picture of the week....being that I was just blessed with another grand daughter last week (Cataleya) and I will be blessed with another one tomorrow (Alexxis), I this this picture is fitting:

Happy Happy Knitting and Happy Happy Monday!

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  1. Congratulations on the new granddaughters and the prizes won! Sweet cuddling and fun knitting. Doesn't get any better.