Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  I had a very relaxing one, with lots of knitting.

Last week, I told you guys how I was a bit behind on my Viajante and hoped to get caught up this weekend.....well, I did!  I was at 108.5 grams last Wednesday, and today I am at 59.5 grams....that is 49 grams I was able to knit since then.  Yippee!!  I actually started the lace section!

I also got to Chart B of the Leaves of Grass shawl!  I am really enjoying this pattern:

Lastly, I got a little farther on one of the mitts for the Inskein KAL.  I am planning on going to the Asylum (knitting night) tonight, but not sure what I am going to work on.

For my picture today, I wanted to share something from one of my LSSK is a chart to decide whether or not you need to buy yarn.....Enjoy!!!!!

Happy Happy Knitting and Happy Happy Monday!


  1. I absolutely love your completed Viajante. You need to show it here on the blog. It is just gorgeous. I know it seems like forever, but it just turned out divine.

    1. Thank you Ruby! I finally posted the finished picture....I just got busy yesterday....but it is posted now!

  2. Hehehehe, that flow chart is brilliant! :-)