Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Happy Happy Wednesday!  I am SOOOOOOOO excited to be writing this post.  Why am I so excited you ask?

I FINISHED VIAJANTE!!!!!!!  This is by far the largest project I have done to date and I could not be more thrilled about it!  Now I am ready to tackle just about any project......well, maybe not, but I feel like I am!

Before Blocking:

During Blocking:

Modeled by my bff, Darlene:

Yup....what a relief to have that done (I am sure you guys are tired of reading about it too!).

What else have I been up to?  Well, I finished the reverse pinwheel blanket for Alexxis.....I was going to block it last night but my grandson, Antonio, wanted way too much of Ga-Ma's here it is unblocked:

Now I just need to get with it on my gloves for me Inskein Yarns KAL:

I hope to finish these tomorrow.....because I have lots in the works......

1.  There is a sweater KAL going on with the MustStashPostcast (Great Podcast by the way....I have meet both of the girls that do this podcast and they are super sweet...they also hostess an SNB in San Antonio in the North Central area), and I told myself I had too much going on...but I was reading thru the sweater KAL forum the other day and a cute sweater caught my attention, when I looked at the ravelry page for the cute sweater, I found another sweater KAL going on called Trappings and Trinkets sweater along.....and once there the words "Sock Monkey" jumped out at me and I decided I have to make this cute sweater for Antonio!  I will partake in both of the KAL's which means I need to have it done by end of June....yikes!

This sweater is just what the dr ordered to match Antonio's new Backpack:

2.  Camp Loopy Starts this Saturday....I will be writing my own sock pattern for this, so keep your eyes out for a new pattern soon.

3.  My SNB is doing a KAL for June, July, Aug....we try to do quarterly KAL's just to keep things fun.  We will be doing the Deep Purple Cresent Shawl.  This also starts Saturday...I have two different colorways I want to do this shawl in....Malabrigo's Piedras colorway
Or Madeline Tosh's Stephen Loves Tosh colorway

I have enough in these two yarns to make 4 shawls total (2 of each color) if I am digging the pattern, these just might be Christmas Presents for a select few people.

3.  Tour De Sock.....what is this you ask?  I had no clue till yesterday......people were talking about it in the camp loopy thread so I went here to read all about seems like a fun thing to do and also raise some money for a great cause!  This also starts I have a lot starting this Saturday.  I am taking Friday off to get some things organized in my yarn room and to do some cleaning (I will not be able to do any cleaning once I start all these projects....LOL).

Do you remember when I went to WHIBSIB (the greatest knitting retreat in the world)?  I saw a fellow knit sister that had this cute basket that said "Yarn Addict"  I go the name of the lady that did the basket and I contacted her to see if she could make me a custom one....she said yes and I ordered it...well, I got it today and I LOVE IT!!!!  I will be ordering another one....just need to decide if I want another small one or if I want to splurge on a bigger one.  Isn't it the cutest ever?  Link to get one is below....and if you get one....Please, Please, Please tell her I (Carrie Ramirez) referred you!!!!

Here is her website if you are interested in a custom basket...I think it is the cutest ever!!!!  You can go to "Yarn Alley" and then "Totes and Bag Samples".....

Well whew.....that was a lot, but I have not written in over a week...I promise to try to be better (I just really wanted to get that Viajante finished and it consumed my time)!

Do you get buy with a little help from your friends?  What about your yarn?  Here is my cute pic for this post (besides the basket of course)!

I also hope everyone had a great Memorial Day....A great bit "Thank You" to all that serve our great country!!!

Happy Happy Knitting and Happy Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Wow! I am tired just reading. Lots of great knitting going on. I LOVE the basket!

  2. The Viajante is gorgeous! Love the pinwheel blanket, too. That basket is perfect!