Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Happy New Year!!!

 Hello everyone....Yes I know it has been forever since I posted, and I am sorry....but I was busy with a certain cardigan....LOL!  Can you believe it is 2024?  I know!  WOW!

First....Here is my Christmas.....

Second.....for the present you have all been wanting to know....Grace's Cardigan/Sweater.

Here is what she asked for:

I knit one sleeve and it was too small, so I had to start over with the sleeves and get them attached.

Then the raglan/yoke/top part......

Finished and blocking...the collar is not what I envisioned.....she might have recvd the cardigan a touch wet (since it had not completely dried), and I offered to fix the collar (I had run out of time)

But.....she loved it!

The week after Christmas, I had Antonio a few days and made this really delicious sandwich (sorry for the non fancy paper plate...LOL)!

Which made me want to make bread....but first I needed a dutch oven

and.....nope, not the prettiest loaf, but not bad for a first try.

I got some yarn at the end of the year for a sweater for me.

and I saw someone else post their monthly shawl yarn....but a completely different pattern......I loved it, so had to share....it is called the sunshower shawl. picture copyright EggInMyHair on Ravelry

Now, while I took a tiny break from frantic knitting (for my deadline), I am back at it.....knitting for Darlene's Birthday present (her bday is January 22nd...so just 20 more days)....this is a lap blanket with the same yarn I used to make her a shawl last year.  She loved the shawl and said it would be a great lap blanket.  It is only aboout 25 inches wide (I hope that is wide enough...I was going for 28" wide, but clearly I cannot count)...but I will make it at least 30"-36" tall, so go from lap to feet.

That is really all I have....sorry for the time in between posts....Hopefully I will get my rear in gear for the new year!

 I was able to give Darlene her presents....I finished the boxy cape (and did not get a pic of it finished), I can show the Test Knit Advent Stole I made her:

Plus a cute yarn ball knick knack holder

Some PJ's and some stitch markers with numbers on them for when casting on you know how many stitches you have done already.

That is really all I have....Yall have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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