Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Merry Christmas!

 Hello the time I post again, Christmas will have come and gone, so let me say to you now....I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

This week's post will kind of be all over the place.....first, all I have worked on this week is Grace's cardigan.  I got one sleeve done and it was too small, so now I have done another sleeve (larger) and am currently working on 2nd (technically the 3rd) sleeve.....and need to join.....oh, and my sweet flower wants me giving her loving instead of knitting....LOL!

I also got 4 of the 5 christmas ornaments I need for my neighbors and my trainer.

I got new slippers from Darlene for Christmas....I love them, she spoils me!

I snagged a beautiful picture of Paige and her family off her Instagram :). I think Antonio actually looks like Paige in this picture!

At the Christmas Party last week, Tami brought these caramels....I had to buy more...they are delicious!

I also did some meal prepping that I have not done in a while.....this was really good (I impressed myself):

That is all I have.....Have a great week and a Very Merry Christmas!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!