Saturday, March 27, 2021

Same Ole Same Ole

 Hey are you?  I am fine, and just doing the same ole, same ole.....I wake up, work, workout, work, eat, work, eat, knit, and go to bed......rinse, repeat....LOL!  I do have a few exciting things......Antonio starts his Jr PGA Golf Tournament tomorrow....I cannot wait!

I love Paige and her besties......Bizz and Sam!

I got some more Diamond Art......

Ali from Savvy Skeins gave me one of her sock blanks that she dyed to make into socks!

We had Paella at my sister's house for my dad and niece's was delicious....Jim cooked it on the green egg and he did a FABULOUS job!

I finished my Granito Sweater and LOVE IT!  Thanks to Darlene for always giving me the most perfect Birthday Presents!

I worked a little on my Ledberg Cardigan

And Darlene's son, Casey, made me these for my crochet hooks....I love them, I cannot wait to get them!  Thank you Casey.....yall can reach out to him on Instagram @7y_leather!!  He does amazing work!

That is all I have......Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

1 comment:

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