Friday, March 12, 2021

It is almost 'officially' spring!

Hey everyone....only 8 more days till the first day of spring!  I am really sorry about my mid February post that apparently never got posted, but I posted it yesterday......

I have so much to catch up on.....I am so sorry I have been slacking on this was my New Years resolution to do better here and I seem to be posting less....I am going to make a larger effort to fix that (but I really have had a lot going on as you will soon see).

First, Darlene's son is making leather goods and I could have sworn I had already posted this, but I can't find it (I swear I am losing my mind).  Here is a G+ hook holder he made me....I LOVE it.....they did a giveaway on Instagram and I ordered an H hook holder that is just like this Daisy one!  I have even ordered another with a pink center Daisy for an I hook....I am so excited!  You can find him on instagram here @7y_leather

I think I have told you about my Author friend, Maggie Cole!  I love her hot and steamy romance books....well, I won a kindle in her group....Thank you Maggie!

Chief got sick a while back (we think a spider bite) and he got to stay the day with Grandma......this big baby!

Darlene got new yarn for a sock head hat for Trenton....I love this...and I finished the hat (that cute mug is from the flowers Darlene got me for my Birthday)!

Darlene also made a hat for is his 17th birthday party tomorrow!  Happy Birthday Trenton!

Speaking of Birthdays....I had a great one....lots of great presents and bowling with Paige, Kody, Antonio, Bizzle and Sam!

I finished my Mae sweater!  I want to make another!

I got another Joji bag....I love this bucket style bag for blankets.

Then, I bought a new mower and did my lawn for the first time since last year and ......boom.....super soft ground......a leak in my pipe underground....ARGH!

Kody helped me put in a larger doggie door for Jax....this thing is HUGE! But Jax loves it (he was scared of it at first).

I made some cookies (Paige's recipe that I love) and got some new running shoes (kind of a weird combo there....LOL)!!!

I made Antonio his pair of Batman socks.....and got him into Diamond Painting (My friend, Paulette, got me into it). that is all I have.....Have a great weekend and I promise to try to be here more often! 

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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